Road to 70.3: Week 17

Week one of the taper is here. With three sports, it means my schedule is still pretty packed which was surprising to some of the run crew who are used to just a run taper, which means more days off. I certainly did enjoy the additional free time as well as starting to plan what my post race workout schedule would look like.


MONDAY:Typically our Tribe interval workout. We became quickly distracted by…Mr. Peanut. So we decided instead to run him down. We located the giant hot air balloon in the yard of Fort York. We snapped some photos and continued on completing a 5km route.


TUESDAY: A few weeks ago I started a new training habit of open water swimming. With my new My Float in hand – or on waist – I headed out at Cherry Beach. The water was so clear and fresh, unlike other times I’ve been there. It was nice to get the practice in outdoors and swim through some of the conditions open water brings. In the evening I taught my YFit class at YYoga.


WEDNESDAY: Tonight’s Tribe 5km run concluded with runner’s Pilates. We concluded our run at The Attic, 318 Queen St W, and took part in this brief but information class led by Robyn Hickey of Rebalance Pilates.


THURSDAY: Today I presented at a Physical Literacy conference in Hamilton. It was a pretty busy day as I had to race back to Toronto for an opportunity meeting before heading to teach at YFit. Apart from teaching which I kept light, today was my rest day.


FRIDAY: My day started with a 60 minute hike along the Bruce Trail with my sister and dad. It was a nice walk with more stairs then any of us had anticipated walking. We went from Tiffany Falls to Scenic Drive. After lunch I took off for the cottage. As my hamstring hadn’t been feeling great I had been holding off on my run, but looked forward to getting it in up in Kincardine. I arrived to the cottage after the 3 hour drive and was the first one there which meant I could get out on my run without any guilt of leaving family and the need to be with the family while away. The run started off feeling great. As it was a taper I wanted to keep it light but started to play with speed and set the goal of a light, but faster second half. Just as I approached the turn my left ankle left like it wasn’t tracking properly and essentially froze and I was in a great deal of pain. I stopped running, because I physically couldn’t run and started rolling and pulling my ankle trying to free up some movement. This was not the run I was hoping. After a few minutes here I returned to run home in pain. I tried to put more pressure on the outside of my left foot which seemed to help. I was worried. My ankle continued to be sore for the rest of the weekend.


SATURDAY: Heading to the cottage for the long weekend I saved my mid week long ride for today. Riding at the cottage has certainly become one of my favourite things. There is almost no traffic out on the rolling hills and I can get in an epic out and back sticking to one road. This ride felt good. I’ve still been noticing tightness in my hamstring but have continued to stretching plan every night and after each workout.

SUNDAY: I had planned on running today, but with my ankle still acting up I decided I would enjoy the cottage and instead take a rest day. We relaxed on the beach, used my new Stand Up Paddle board and just enjoyed the summer. I was texting with a friend who asked how the taper was going. I replied stating that I felt is if every injury I had was coming back and that my body was falling apart. She replied “So it sounds like your taper is on track”. I know these feelings are common, so I need to keep reminding myself of that in the coming week leading up to Saturday’s race.

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