Road to 70.3: Week 10

Last weeks pull back was a perfect fit with my Toronto Triathlon Festival race taper, I couldn’t have planned it better. As you’ll see, last week was much lighter in training so was exactly what I needed to stay on track while taking it easy before my B goal race.


MONDAY: With my regularly schedules interval workouts, my “hilly run” became a speed workout. This plan was originally used for my Muskoka 70.3 where hills were a must. As my required workouts are sprints, I switched it around. I finished my day with some stretching – always key, but even more important with my goal race this weekend.


TUESDAY: Today was one of my last bricks before this weekend race. 60 minute swim with 60 minute bike. I got in 2km with some time to spare, so am thinking I will need to start swimming longer (especially as I write this after competing in what would be my upcoming race). A little out and back that included 2 High Park loops was my ride. A gorgeous day and not to many people out on the trails which was nice. I concluded my day by teaching Yfit as well as a community yoga class. A great end to a great day.


WEDNESDAY: So my horoscope had been reporting some “weird” thing related to luck and while I don’t know on a life scale of “bad luck” this really is here’s what happened – 15 minutes before I was to be at our crew run specially teamed up with SpiderTech tape we had a fire drill. The elevators stopped working and I had no choice but to walk the 48 flights of stairs to get to the workout. I didn’t think anything of it. For the rest of the night a couple guys from the run and Mark teased me about how sore my legs would be the next day – I brushed it off.

THURSDAY: I woke up this morning in the most intense pain in my calves ever. The stairs FRIED my legs. I can’t believe how bad it was and continued to be until Saturday. I used various creams, saw my chiropractor for ART massage, took an Epsom salt bath, used my “thumber” industrial massager – did everything I could to restore my legs and nothing was working. I went for a ride and taught YFit. But things were bad looking into the weekend – very bad.

FRIDAY: And they got worse. I spent another day doing everything and anything to calm my calves down. I started wearing my compression socks and took and extra rest day. To be honest, I started revising my race plan and had decided there was no physical way I could run and I would simply swim and bike for the practice, then DNF (did not finish) on the run. A tough decision but I was in serious pain.


SATURDAY: Today was the Toronto Triathlon Festival shake out run. I met with the other Ambassadors, picked up our race kits, and met up with Olympian Simon Whitfield for a 2km run. I didn’t know how this would go down so offered to bring up the rear. My legs although still sore to the touch weren’t to bad on the run. I decided I would make a race day decision after the bike whether I would finish or not.


SUNDAY: Race Day! If you follow my on social, you know how this day went down. It was grand! I will be posting a race recap shortly and once it’s complete I will link it HERE. Stay tuned. Or head over to my Twitter or Instagram for a sneak peak.

Back to the regular this week, with a wedding and 90km bike ride this weekend. Looking forward to giving my legs a real test ride.Stay tuned!

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