How My Actions During 9 Month’s of Studio Closure Lead to My 2021 Canada’s Top Fitness Instructor Nomination with Impact Magazine

After 9 months of chaos and uncertainty it has been amazing to be nominated through Impact Magazine as on of their 2021 Canada’s Top Fitness Instructors.

This award nomination has provided me with a great opportunity of reflection during the pandemic and the steps I’ve taken to keep my Kardia community together and keep my business alive and because find these ideas was challenging, as many business had never been through such a thing, I felt it appropriate to jot down some of the actions we’ve taken in hopes to support other small business in similar situation.

Here’s our Kardia COVID Story:

 We closed our doors on March 16th and I took my love of movement and experience with video content and all classes online March 17th. Without skipping a beat we started offering free Facebook Live and Instagram Live classes – offering 2-3 classes a day. I knew I needed to keep our community connected, and keeping in touch with our members to support their physical and mental health became my number one priority.

After one week of social media classes I established our Zoom platform and we added fee for services classes back in addition to our free classes – we continue to offer free classes 9 months later. I was very aware of the reality of our clients losing their jobs and their need for movement and connection – even if online and so I did everything possible to help them feel connected and seen, even if they couldn’t pay.

I created multiple community scavenger hunts, labeling key monuments and locations around the downtown core with specific exercises which people could do on their own, and I set up a “photo booth” outside the studio, so people could stop by on a weekend and get their photo taken from a distance and then I merged the photos together into a video for them to see we are all together even when apart.

I also offer free social “workshops” weekly through Zoom. We’ve had many cooking demos, goal setting sessions, virtual wine tastings – simply free opportunities for people to see each other and hang out together while apart. 

After 7 months of operating in this Fee For Service Zoom and Free Social Media class model I added an On-Demand service to support clients who might not have the hours of our classes and offered this and a reduced cost to make it more accessible.

Over the past 9 months I’ve kept us flexible to the government changes and have had a hard focus on community and connection, providing our community with many ways to stay connected, either for free, or fee for service.

While I look forward to the pandemic being over, this force to online has allowed me to reconnect with clients from around the world who had moved away (Italy, Tokyo, San Fran, Vancouver, Calgary, Florida), and it’s forced me to establish an on-demand streaming site that I had always dreamed of, but never had the time or real need to do.  While things might look very different to 9 months ago, my community has never been stronger.

What’s Hot This Spring at New Balance In SportChek

Over the past few weeks I’ve had the pleasure of traveling across Canada with New Balance Canada as a blogger stylist as part of my ambassador role as they celebrate the launch thier new Flex Space with SportChek. This Flex Space is an enhanced women’s only area in 18 SportChek stores across Canada connecting to the metropolitan women and consisting of not only technical fitness gear but also attire that will get you to and from your workout in style. It’s a stylish collection that’s designed by athletes but made for everyone.


What I love about this Spring collection is that it really does take New Balance’s fitness attire to the next level, launching with some of the hottest trends this season – mesh, high waist bands, and white!


So far I’ve had the pleasure of educating and styling Amanda Phuong from Style Democracy, and Bloggers Bonnie Lang from Bonnie Lang Fitness and Rachel Antony from Frankly Ray.

Meeting these ladies, investigating how the sweat, and styling them with the perfect New Balance outfit from SportChek for their lifestyle needs was a dream and really confirmed my passion for athletic wear fashion and styling.

Here are a few pieces I pulled together from SportChek that these bloggers absolutely loved and I’m sure you will too. (Also these three together would be a super cute outfit – so go get it!)

NB Pulse Bra


The NB Pulse bra offers a unity of support and style. Its T back features attractive lines that manage weight distribution to help keep everything in place, aided by removable pads for modesty and shaping. The NB Pulse Bra also displays a flying NB graphic which means this sports bra looks great if you want to remove an outer layer during your next spin class.


Elixir Tight


The Elixir Tight has very quickly become my favourite New Balance tight for both yoga and every day wear. This tight features adaptive stretch fabric and an on trend high-rise waist band made for stylish movement. It contains a mesh trim at the hem towards the knee offering the ultimate in studio style, while the second-skin fit moves with you.

$89.99 (At time of publishing these pants are on sale for $67.49)

Fresh Foam Zante v3


The Fresh Foam Zante have become one of my go-to running shoes as I’ve trained and raced two marathons in them and just love the light weight feel and Fresh Foam cushioning. Built for high speeds, the Fresh Foam Zante v3 women’s lightweight running shoe features an aggressive toe spring and a comfortable no-sew material application for a sleek fit. Taking inspiration from iconic ‘70s and ‘80s models, the sleek profile on this render lends a modern look that leads the style pack.


5 Ways to Cultivate Goals That Stick

img_6320The new year is here and it’s time to create goals to develop focus and direction in 2017. What do you want to accomplish?  What do you no longer accept of yourself? What do you demand of yourself now? Whether it’s going to bed earlier, meditating on the regular, getting a sweat on every day, or giving your diet an overhaul, these 5 tricks will have you chasing down your goals and living the life you’ve imagined.

1. Start Small.
Take a close look at what it is you want to achieve and all the potential steps to get there. What is the first and simplest of those steps? Now that is where you will start! So if your goal is to go for a run three times a week. The simplest step will be to put on your running shoes and head out that door. And once your shoes are on and you’re outside, well you might as well run! Break your habit into the simplest version and start there.

2. Plan Ahead.
Examine your schedule and make time for you. Sure, once your shoes are on, going for the run becomes a straightforward task, but have you carved out the time for this to happen? Examine your day with a fine toothed comb, and just like you wouldn’t cancel on that meeting with your boss, or brunch with the girls, time to form your habit must be non negotiable too!

3. Set a Reminder.
This behaviour is new, which means it might not always be on the top of your mind. So consider leaving yourself some loving and gentle reminders throughout the day to help you make the right decisions. If your goal is to drink more water, then have a reusable water bottle ready to be filled at your desk. Want to sit less at work? Try setting a phone alarm to remind you to get up and move. What to think happier thoughts? Why not change you phone background to someone you love, family or friend, whoever brings a smile to your face and heart. Setting up a visual reminder takes the thinking out of your goal making it much easier to remember.

4. Be Accountable.
Let everyone you know aware about this awesome new habit you are forming. You’ll be working hard to make these changes; the moral support will help you to keep at it and push through. Share your habit on social media, give daily updates which people will expect, and let everyone know that you’ve got this!

5. Reward Yourself!
It’s important to celebrate your successes no matter the size. Every time you remember your habit consider a little verbal “way to go!” After one week of success, how about an extra long bubble bath. One month, maybe a picnic in the park. Rewards don’t need to cost money, but they do need to make you feel good. Give yourself some praise and enjoy every success.

How About You?
What good habits are you working on for 2017? What strategies will help you get there? What’s motivating you through the process? Share your thoughts in the comment board!