Road to 70.3: Week Two

Week two of my road to my second 70.3 was off to an epic start. I had come off of an awesome week (read about week one here), managing to coordinate a stressful work week with some added workouts and was ready to keep the momentum going.


Sunday: While I had a workout scheduled, a 105 min ride, I decided to take a rest day after a wonderful morning of cheering with Tribe at the Sporting Life 10km. I still had further writing to do on my book and meeting that deadline was my main priority this weekend – and I finished it.

Monday: Today had a great start. I was off in the afternoon and went to YYoga and completed my 105 minute ride. I rode while Lisa Davidson taught YFit, which gave me some great beats to cycle to, then following class we caught up which kept the ride exciting, especially near the end where my pace was starting to slow. I went home and stretched and rolled and prepared for our Tribe Sprint Interval workout. Last week I had irritated my hamstring during this workout, so set a slower pace as my goal – upon reflection it was likely a little two slow, but that’s the exciting learning that is happening with my new Garmin 235.

During my 4th interval of 6, I sprinted towards a corner and while looking where I would be going rolled my ankle badly on a large rock on the road. It was one of those slow motion moments, where I was aware of the roll, recognized it from having rolled before, and thinking “ooh nooo” as I fell down hard scraping left my elbow and knee which immediately began to bleed. I sat on the ground catching my breath and members of the crew came to my side to support. I hobbled back to our meet up and my eyes filled with tears, not from the pain, although believe me it was sore, but for my race and training, and wondering if this was it.We took our crew photo and I slowly jogged back home with the group. Ice and bandage have been a must ever since.


Tuesday: Today became a rest day. I subbed out my classes and spent the day trying to stay off my foot, keeping it elevated, and icing as available. It was swollen and sore.

Wednesday: I had hoped that I would be back running today – wishful thinking. I was finally able to walk and put weight on my foot. It remained swollen. I trained my clients so felt good about being able to move better. I did some upper body and core work as well as hamstring strengthening that didn’t have to much weight on my feet. My new recovery goal is to be able to run by Saturday – we have a special Tribe wedding in Pennsylvania and  this has been a run I’ve been looking forward to. Ice and bandage are still the way.


Thursday: Today was a special run, which I did not take part in. It was the medal reveal for the new Waterfront 10. My ankle was feeling much better – still swollen though. I was able to put pressure on it and even walk at a faster pace when crossing the street.

Friday: Today was the first day I got back to training. My ankle felt better so I hit the pool for a 60 minute swim. Within the first lap it was clear that the pressure from the water was to much, so with a buoy between my knees I swam 1.5km of arms only – not ideal, but I wanted to get it done. I also taught my spinabs class tonight at barreworks. My ankle felt fine, so stayed on the bike for a 50minute ride. It felt tender when unclipping, but other than that felt okay. I had it wrapped and made sure to ice it.


Saturday: So turns out my ankle wasn’t super happy with yesterday’s workouts. It was a little more swollen then it had previously been. Although I felt glad getting them in, but have come to the realization that my recovery goals have been a little to ambitious.

Today and tomorrow I had planned as a rest knowing we would be heading to the wedding – a 6 hour drive, plus the event, so my plan was to have had all of the workouts done before this – obviously my plans changed. My ankle was happy to stay elevated and without weight on it during the drive. I’ve been keeping it wrapped and icing when I can. The bruising I hadn’t previously noticed was pointed out by a friend, all along the edge of my foot below my ankle is a nice bluey-green colour.

And there we go. Luckily a lower intensity week so I was able to get a few of the shorter workouts in – obviously nothing that involved running. I’m not typically a person who tries to make up workouts, so am letting these ones just roll on past. At this point (Monday) my ankle is still swollen and bruised and I’m still keeping it wrapped and with ice. I plan on swimming this week, possibly riding, still doing strength and hopefully by next week I’ll be back at the run. It’s early in my training, my goal race isn’t until September, so I’m not letting it get me down yet.

Have you had an injury you’ve come back from? What inspired you to keep you spirits up? Let me know in the comments!


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