Road to 70.3: Week Three

After pushing my luck and body last week, when (i guess) I should’ve been taking it easier after my fall, I decided this week I would stick to only need to do workouts – for most of the week. I did get back to my regular teaching schedule but s you’ll see have avoided running – and also decided to avoid goal setting my return and just let it happen.


Sunday: Today’s scheduled workout was a long brick ride and run. We were on our way home from a Tribe wedding in Pennsylvania, so 6 hours in the car made this a very easy day to rest.

Monday: My ankle has definitely been feeling better and I’ve been working on building my range of motion again. Today’s 30 minutes of strength consisted of lots of arms and abs, followed by some hamstring bridge work.

Tuesday: My first class back at YYoga post injury. My balance was horrible. As I’m right foot dominated I continually demo’d moves placing weight on my ankle – this often ended with me laughing while following over and saying this like “Hope you’re balance is better than mine!” and “Don’t fall like me!” I was happy to be back teaching and glad that the pain is less. I’m still keeping my ankle wrapped most of the day.


Wednesday: Today was an awesome day as I got to lead the New Balance Canada Girl’s Night Out media preview and community class. It meant a lot of time on my foot being active, but I was happy to be moving and with so many gals from Tribe. Between both classes there was almost 100 women. 1.5 hours of yoga meant my ankle was wrapped and iced. I definitely need to keep up with my mobility. Resting it seems to keep it stiff and after a warm up it feels great. I really should’ve done a swim when I got home, but I was so spent from the day, that I went to bed 🙂

Thursday: Today was light. Much of my typical workout time was spent working today and I was back teaching at Yyoga in the evening. Balance was much better during tonight’s class and I’m starting to move around without the brace. My ankle is pretty pain free most of the time – only a few movements that send crazy sharp pain up my ankle. There is now very little swelling too.

Friday: Today was a write off as I flew to Sudbury for the day. I got home late and my sister was in town – so as scheduled – Friday was my rest day.


Saturday: Nancy (my sister) stayed over night and we started the day with a swim. My ankle was very stiff to get started and I did the first 500m using arms only. My ankle began to feel warmed up so I started kicking. I definitely didn’t have my speed as I was very cautious of how it felt, but 1.25km later I was done and we were cottage bound for the long weekend.

Reflection: My ankle is definitely feeling a lot better. I’ve been able to up my strength training and after keeping my cardio light this week look forward to what’s next. I had hoped last week to be up and running this week but have decided to keep it safe. Plus with such epic weather ahead, why not rest with my feet up at the beach this long weekend. I am hoping to get my first run in as part of a brick next weekend – to be honest all this sitting around is getting to me – It’s not even the FOMO as I see others training – it’s just that THAT is what I want to be doing. I need and want to move. Ok body, we got this!

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