Road to 70.3: Week Five

Done and dusted. Last week was tough – my usual workout time was occupied by some extra work with Tribe and week 5 also had a couple bricks (2 workouts back to back) which required longer training time – so less time to train and workouts that required more time to get done – challenge accepted!

I loved doing the bricks last week. They made me feel that training for this race is actually getting real. The bricks were an awesome way to test my legs transitioning from swim to run and bike to run with the goal of pushing through the workout on tired legs – how I’ll feel on race day. And having Tribe there for one of these was great to help me keep my pace up and have lots of fun.

Here was this weeks plan. I’m not sure why Saturday was empty, definitely a mistake somewhere, but with Tribe deadlines at the start of the week, this time was filled up quickly. Here it is:


Monday: While the schedule asked for a rest day today was a double run day with our first Tribe workplace wellness workout with the team from the Toronto Stock Exchange. This was followed by sprints with Tribe at the CNE. In total I ended up running 14km. My ankle felt great and I had lots of fun with both groups.



Tuesday: I spent the morning  working on Tribe work, and early afternoon at a funeral for the wife of a friend. I had planned on getting in a brick workout with Nanc, but it occurred to me once in Hamilton that I forgot my running shoes in Toronto. So back in the car I went and without getting a workout in decided I needed to continue my Tribe work, so I took a rest day to get everything done.

Wednesday: We had something special planned for our Tribe crew run tonight, a Global Runners Day scavenger hunt. My role was monitoring the clues, so rather then running I got myself to the final clue and waited for the group. We celebrated our run with tacos and treats at Los Colibris on King, then walked home. As my hamstring and the inside of my right knee have continued to be sore I did lots of stretching and rolling for the remainder of the evening.

Thursday: I started today with a 40 minute strength workout that had a full body focus. My glutes were killing the next day which I was surprised with and looked at as a bit of a red flag as I didn’t think they should’ve been that sore. I had an appointment with my chiropractor and started what will be three months of rehab for my back and hips. I mentioned getting an x-ray done last week – it confirmed that my left hip is slightly higher then my right (why my hamstring and knee have been sore), and as a result my spin is curving to  compensate. A typical lower back has a 40% curve in the spine – mine only 7%. Definitely not good news, but explains many of the continued injuries and pains I’ve had. So with an action plan in place my training continues. I taught YFit at Yyoga, then met up with the Beer Run Crew and many Tribe folks out for a bonus run.

Friday: Today ended up being my first real day off work which meant time to get in Thursdays brick. I completed a 2km swim in 47 minutes, it had a few pauses but I am very happy with that time – only 8 minutes slower than my last 70.3 race pace.


Saturday: With our Tribe 10 km run this morning, I decided to switch up the days and get my 40 minute ride in before the run. Timing was tight (since I slept in) so I did a quick out and back along the waterfront. Saw many familiar faces out on an earlier run, then I did a quick change and took my tired concrete feeling legs out for the run. The pace was comfortable although we hit MANY red lights on the first half. The Tribe Sole Sisters found ourselves settled into a 5:40 pace and kept it just under 6min per km which I was happy with considering the workout I had already done.


Sunday: The weather today was ick. I had considered participating in the ride for heart, but it snuck up on me, so I took my ride in doors. According to my fitbit the last half of the 2:10 hour ride was a lot less vigorous, not ideal, but I was glad to get it done.

It occurred to me during my Sunday ride that while I am just under four months out from my goal race I am officially at half of the race distances during my training. I’m glad that things are going so well and I’m feeling great however I don’t feel that my fueling is 100% where it needs to be during and post workout. I need to get back into the grove and simply have the food I need at home ahead of needing it. That will be my goal for this week – get my fueling organized.

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