Road to 70.3: Week One

This week launched my training for my 2016 goal race, The Montreal Esprit Triathlon 70.3. For those not knowledgeable of multi-sport, it’s a half IronMan – but since the race is not associated with the IronMan brand, it’s a 70.3 (the total distance of the swim, bike, and run in miles). This will be my second 70.3, the first I did summer of 2014 and I will be using the same training plan.

What first drew me to this race is the unique course. I’ve heard it being referred to as a “bucket list” race because the swim happens in an Olympic rowing basin (essentially it’s an open water swim in an enclosed area) and the bike takes place on the Formula One Canadian Grand-Prix course (a 4.2km loop we will do 21 times).

So here was what week one looked like:


Whenever I have a goal race, I write out the entire training plan on free printable calendars you can download online and give each workout a check mark once it gets rocked. I have the next 5 months scheduled out and enjoy giving myself a check mark once the work is done.

So let me break down week one (Side Note: I had a HUGE deadline for my book. I was writing for hours on end for four days straight to get it finished by Sunday and it was very challenging to train and write to the point where I even said to my sister while having a mental breakdown on Friday night”But if I take a calming bath, I’m not writing my book, and I need to be writing my book” gahh, it was a an intense week):

Sunday: The schedule said rest and that’s pretty much what I did. I taught my YRide and YFit at YYoga, but used light weights and spent most of the instruction time coaching and moving throughout the room which allowed me to focus on my participants, get personal, and be able to inspire and motivate alongside them and save my legs.I then drove to Ottawa for work. I was just there overnight as I presented at a school board conference on the Monday.

Monday: I drove home from Ottawa and was glad to move with Tribe. This Monday launched the first week of Tribe Sprint Interval’s. While my plan had strength I switched things around to make it work – racing a 70.3 is a HUGE time commitment and to have a life and do my job I give myself the flexibility to switch workouts up as long as I get each workout in. The Tribe run felt amazing. It was challenging but gave me a great opportunity to test my new Garmin 235 and it was fun. During the fourth interval my old hamstring injury reared it’s head which you can see from the graphic below – but check out the best pace – so proud!


Tuesday: I started off my day at 6:45am with a short 15 min strength session before my morning personal training client arrived. I did walking lunges, hip hikes, and singe leg squats. At 5pm, prior to teaching my YFit at YYoga, which I included as my S/F (Strength and Flexibility), I did a 60 minute ride. My hamstring was tight from the run before so I played it safe. I typically ride this class, but don’t often challenge myself as I do when I am focused on my training – so I made sure to keep my tension and cadence (speed) higher. I spent the night rolling and thumping (my super power massager) to get my hamstring back under control (before I start focused strength training on it) as part of my preventive conditioning.

Wednesday: I kept today nice and light. Stretched my hamstring out during the day – even brought my Yoga Tune Up balls to work to massage my hamstring, then massaged and thumped my legs when I got home. Our Tribe workout was a light 5km, so I kept it that way. It wasn’t on the schedule but considered it as my mental health run – something fun and social.


Thursday: Another 6:45am start with the same legs identified above. I then kept it a light day as I tried to rest my hamstring. We had our final 3km training run as part of Sportlife 10km training group with New Balance, so I spent the day chained to my laptop writing my book and then raced uptown for this short easy fun run.

Friday: I woke up early and hit the deck with some friends at 6:45am. A 1.5km swim which was very easy and involved lots of catching up with friends. I also taught a spin class for 45min (I didn’t ride enough to count it as anything) but the class concludes with 15min of core, which I love, so I kicked my own butt while coaching the final class component which also included a stretch.


Saturday: Now this was fun and something I will do on the regular. I woke up early again and raced to get a 2km swim in before our Tribe 10km #bRUNch run. The run (which I planed) ended up being 11.5km (oops) and I then spent the rest of the day writing like a mad women – and yes, I made my deadline! (woo hoo!!). I also did a 30 min strength workout which consisted of mostly core (side plank, Russian twists) and and legs (dead lifts, single leg squats).

And that’s it! A strong start – spoiler alert that week two didn’t start as hot – if you follow me on social you’ll know what’s going on (and what’s given me the time to write this post and not be riding – booo).

Have a question about triathlon and what it takes – post it in the comments!

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