Road to 70.3: Week 11

For the past few weeks I’ve been questioning my training schedule and wondering whether I was getting the distance I needed on the bike. I’ve been using a schedule adapted from my previous 70.3 where the focus was certainly on swimming the most, then cycling through a few longer efforts, and the least amount running – as I have a pretty decent base already. My goal then was to finish, that is my same goal this time around, however I’d also like to shorten up my bike and run time too.

So to quiet this voice in my head I did some 70.3 training plan research and pulled what looked like a pretty great plan from Triathlon Magazine. I did a comparison and between the two plans things were actually pretty consistent. My workouts during the week were right on track with the plan, my current plan focused a little more on bricks over the weekend and less time on running. However, since I’ve been training for SeaWheeze simultaneously my runs have been on. The only thing missing, was what I suspected – my long rides. So a few tweaks and I think I’m good to go.


Here’s how it went down:

MONDAY: In order to make up for last weeks missing long run post Toronto Triathlon Festival I decided to combine my two training crew runs today for a 17km long run. MY interval workout took the hit being slower paced, but I felt surprisingly good considering I raced the previous day.

TUESDAY: It was my plan today to do a longer ride, but after visiting my chiropractor we decided that I a rest day would be ideal and so I didn’t ride. I took it easy during the day, taught YFit, and ended my day teaching yoga. The break was nice.


WEDNESDAY: Today was a HOT one. I got in a strength training class at Studio Lagree, then with Tribe went out for a 6km run followed by Slurpees. Strength training always seems to be the first thing I drop, along with yoga, but is certainly the one thing I enjoy.

THURSDAY: 60 min swim, followed by a 70min bike, and 20km run. It was POURING ran, so Kat and I got this done indoors. The company was great and I enjoyed being able to challenge myself to hold a quicker pace while on the treadmill.

FRIDAY:  A 45 minute swim started my day before I headed with my aunts to The Stratford Festival. I kept my swim steady and have been really trying to focus on an effective pull.


SATURDAY: Today was definitely one of my favourite workouts in a while. I got up way to early for the weekend and headed to Waterdown to complete a crazy long brick with Nancy. It started off with a series of unfortunate events which included her having a popped tube AND tire (she left her bike in her hot car) so I started on my own for the first 20 minutes before ducking back and meeting her. We did 81km total around Waterdown and Hamilton and this included the dreaded Sydenham hill. This hill is certainly one of those “hurt so good” workouts. I looked forward to taking it on, but questioned whether I would make it to the top. And after making the first turn and going to change my gear to discover whether I was already in the lightest gear I really began to question. My heart rate went up as I climbed and my speed dropped down. After about 5 minutes Nanc called from behind to say she was going to walk it. This was almost at the exact moment when I started to tell myself that it would be ok if I did. But Nancy’s choice to walk helped me push to the top – boy was it a killer, but I can’t wait to do it again this weekend. Hills like this are a great way to see yourself getting stronger and it’s one of my favourite was to affirm that. We finished our ride with a short 3km run around Nancy’s community. A short brick, just long enough to have our legs feeling heavy and uncomfortable.

SUNDAY: Knowing that today would be another wedding (yes, our 4th this summer) I planned for a rest day and enjoyed it.

I’m glad to took the time to check my schedule. The mental game is as tough as the physical one, and I want to get to the start line race day knowing I did everything in my power to do my best.

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