Wild About It: Q Energy

I was recently sent a sample of Q Energy natural energy drink mix to test out and as I am in the first weeks of my second half Iron Man training I figured this is the perfect time to try something new to support me along my journey.


Q Energy is an all natural sport performance and healthy energy drink made with Quercetin (a naturally occurring compound found in fruit and vegetables). Quercetin is said to improve healthy energy, support the immune system, and offer anti-inflammatory and anti-histamine relief. Everything an endurance athlete needs.

Q Energy comes in convenient single serve dry powder stick packs which make them very easy to run or ride with as you can throw them in a pocket and use them to refill while on the go.


I was first intrigued by Q Energy from the flavours available which are pretty basic, but include wildberry, orange, and lemon line. Orange certainly proved to be my favourite (think a healthy – and less sweet – Tang), but all three were flavourful and most importantly lacked any chemical or “weird” taste I’ve had from other “natural” sport performance drinks.


At only 15 calories (from organic cane sugar), and with no artificial ingredients and very low caffeine (35mg), Q Energy is the healthy energy drink (lowest sugar and caffeine amounts) when compared to coconut water, orange juice, Gatorade, red bull, and Vega pre-workout energizer (which I was surprised about but has 12g of sugar and 100mg of caffeine) as shared by Q Energy. For more information on Q Energy ingredients and science click here.

A 10-pack of Q Energy sells online for $18.95 and includes free shipping.

Q Energy tastes good and delivers health, energy and performance. And they also deliver free samples!

Check them out if you’re looking for something fresh and flavourful for your next workout.

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