Gear Review: Lululemon Run: Bundle Up Jacket

What I love about lululemon is their combination of function and fashion. So, I’ll be honest that when it came to doing a product review for the Run: Bundle Up Jacket, I thought this coat was WAY more fashion than function. From the moment I picked it up I began composing my blog post on how this jacket would not work, not only did it feel way to light to actually keep me warm, the style of it was just not conducive to running – well last night, while out with The Mascot Run Club, I was proven very wrong.

The Details: The Run: Bundle Up Jacket is a winter run jacket which combines fleece, goose down and water-resistant paneling to keep you warm and dry while out on a winter run. Hanging on the wall, this jacket looks like it has a lot of features and it does (to be honest I felt slightly intimidated with the hooks and zippers). It has a removable hood which is also attached to an inner zipper  chest piece for extra warmth. This whole hood/chest piece removes which is a great idea to switch up coverage for sunnier days or wearing it as a to and from jacket.

My Experience: At the run I heard from four different people all in this coat (yes, we looked like a team in matching gear last night) about how warm it was, but since the jacket feels so light, I really didn’t trust what everyone said and layered it with a racer tank, long sleeve swiftly AND a hooded run shirt (yup four layers in 1 degree weather). And after about 1.5km I was roasting. The fabric in this coat is so warm (and soft), that every “this jacket is more fashion than function” thought I had was instantly proven wrong. It felt great, it moved great, and it looked totally awesome (okay, I was starting to love the fashion). It has a great deep hood perfect to hide in once the snow starts to fall, and long sleeves (which stores will hem) to keep your hands toasty too. While the three other gals were rocking the black version which looked very classy, I decided to be bright in my red – was kinda feeling old school MJ (though all the zippers are on the inside).  😉

A Concern: My only concern is with the length. I wore it with a high waisted pair of Runder Under tights, as I was worried that it sat very high on the hip (only just coming to touch the tops of my Wunder Unders when I tried it on in store), and out in any cooler temperature I felt like the wind would be blowing up. I like winter run jackets to cover my rear to keep my buttski toasty, this one doesn’t.

Conclusion: So while I had originally thought this post would conclude with me affirming how I’d be returning to my trusty “Hustle” jacket, I’m glad to say that I was pleasantly proven wrong, and that yes all of you at run club (Audra, Amber, Kristi, and Mary) you were right! Toasty warm for winter running – and the PERFECT combinations of fashion and function!

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