Keeping Safe While Running at Dusk and Dawn

As a run ambassador for lululemon I was asked to write a blog post for their site on a running topic. With the daylight getting shorter a post on running at dawn and dask seemed appropriate. This post was shared on the lululemon website on November 7th, 2012. It can be viewed here. A big thanks to my lululemon family for the continued opportunity to support runners and to share my story.Image.

1. always carry a cell phone and identification

This tip is number one no matter what time of year you run. Always keep your cell phone and driver’s license on you while out running. Whether you need the help or a fellow runner does, knowing you can make the call brings peace of mind and keeps you safe. Consider adding an ICE (In Case of Emergency) contact to your phonebook. That way if something does go wrong a stranger will know who to call for you.

2. choose a well-lit route

Run in areas that are well lit and always bustling with other runners. This means saving those reclusive, isolated routes for daylight, and sticking to the main streets when it’s dark. Also, consider rocking a head lamp. It’s perfect for mid run dance parties but also great so that other traffic on the road or sidewalks will see you. You’ll also be able to better identify uneven surfaces (hey, sometimes even the best of us get tripped up).

3. be seen

There’s more to putting together a great run outfit than just simply something that matches. Wear colours that will let cyclists, drivers and even other runners and pedestrians know you’re there. Whites, yellows and even shades of orange will have you being seen. Lots of run gear has reflectivity built right in so be strategic about how you’re layering it. Make sure  reflective taping remains visible. You can also consider adding your own reflective strips. When it comes to staying safe, the more the better.

4. keep it close to home

Running at dawn or dusk is not the time to try a new route. Rather than a big 10km route, why not do a double 5km? Stickclose to home should you need or want to stop. This also ensures that you’re familiar with the neighbourhood and every crack and corner on your route.

5. join a group!

As they say, there’s strength (and motivation and fun) in numbers so if you’re happy running as part of a group, it’s definitely safest (need a group? Check in with your local lululemon store). If a group just ain’t your thang…let a few people know that you’re heading out, the estimated duration of your run and where you’re going.

5 thoughts on “Keeping Safe While Running at Dusk and Dawn

  1. Laura Reed says:

    I always wear a reflective harness when I run in the dark, it makes a very large reflection for drivers and is surprisingly comfortable while I run. The reflective belts are very annoying to me so the harness is my go-to.

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