Wild About It: Tiux Compression Socks

Wild About it Wednesday(1)With a tight calf and first triathlon of the season the next day, Saturday’s run was the perfect opportunity for me to give my new Tiux performance compression socks to test run – literally.

photo(14)Tiux are a new start-up that design and sell athletic compression socks exclusively online. They cut out all the middle processes which can jack up the prices, thus giving the end user a cheaper bottom line, only $35 per pair.

Compression socks are known for stabilizing muscles and joints, as well as increasing blood (oxygen) flow which helps improve performance and recovery. Tiux highlight some of the benefits here.

The fit was great and my calves felt awesome! Tiux use a graduated compression technology which has a higher compression at the ankle and gradually decreases towards the calf. I typically wear compression calf sleeves so was worried about the feet and not having the benefit of my own socks, but the foot of these socks was very comfy and no blisters were had (yeah!). The only real concern is the lack of style and colour. Tiux only offer three colour combinations, with pink (the ones I have) as the most popular option. This Tiux promote as a cost saving perk, sharing that with limited inventory they reduce costs by never overstocking inventory and instead, focus on quality and providing the best value for their customers.

What I also love is their social good. Tiux have partnered with MAG (Mines Advisory Group) and will donate 1% of their revenue to help save lives and protect communities from landmines, unexploded ordnance (UXO) and other weapons remaining after conflict.

For more information on Tiux and to order your pair, check out there website at http://tiux.refr.cc/MLKRKP3

SPECIAL for my readers: receive 10% off and FREE shipping in Canada and the US! Offer expires July 31st.

Studio Review: MuseMovement

Last week I was invited by Keri O’Mera, former Misfit and movement therapy specialist, to check out Toronto’s newest Pilates studio, founded by Keri, MuseMovement.

photo 5(2)MuseMovement is located in a former school, now the Artscape Youngplace building, a community cultural hub in the Queen West-Ossington neighbourhood. When I first entered the building I felt as though I had been transported to NYC. The use of space, maintenance of old architecture, and connection to the community was simple outstanding.

Located on the second floor, MuseMovement  resides in a warm, light-filled, converted classroom. The open concept space maintains the original 1914 school charm while providing opportunity for both mat work and Pilates reformer machine work.

Keri basis her teaching on the motto “Move your body, move your mind, move your heart”, a quote which comes from her own experience with the transformative power of mobility and is on display inside the studio.

Move Your Body.

photo 4(3)The class I took was a classic Reformer class. 60 minutes on a Pilates reformer machine, think a sliding bed with springs which add different resistance levels to the sliding part. I had just finished a 20km run prior to the class, and while I was excited for the experience I wasn’t excited for the work (aka pain from my muscles already being so fatigued).

We assumed our first position on the reformer which was face up lying on our backs we warmed up and spine and I made note of the fact my lower spine wasn’t moving much – something I had been aware of for the past couple of weeks. The great thing about using a reformer is that is provides a full body workout which is healthy for your joints, and increases your heart rate while building strength. The reformer machine adds personally selected weight and resistance to your Pilates workout but also supports developing range of motion and is a whole lot of fun. Keri took us through the 60 minute class and by the end my stiff spine felt ooey and gooey loose. The mobility sequences definitely opened by hips, lengthened my hamstrings, and had a positive impact on the range of motion of my lower back.

Move Your Mind.

photo 3(6)Keri is a self-professed anatomy nerd and it’s obvious. Her instructional cues and teaching prompts are filled with technical anatomical language that will only leave you smarter and more self aware as you exit the classroom. Her attention to form and alignment allows her to support the needs and levels of all participants and makes movement a great place for beginners as well as those looking for a deeper experience.

Move Your Heart.

photo 1(8)MuseMovement is a community space clearly filled with love. Keri herself is overflowing with gratitude for the opportunity to share her once home business with the greater community, and by simple entering the unique studio space you will feel that passion and joy she brings to her teaching.


If you’re looking for community based Pilates studio with small class sizes and personalized service MuseMovement is for you. Ranging from the low rate of $17 for a mat class, and $31 for a reformer (mat rate is FAR below city trend, and reformer is right on par) the experienced and flexible instructors will create a movement experience tailored to your individual needs and wants.

Keri and her team have a special event planned for yogis interested in Pilates. Details below.


Wild About It: Jabra Sport Pulse Wireless Earbuds

Wild About it Wednesday(1)Jabra Sport Pulse Wireless Earbuds

What Are They?

photo 2Over the holidays I had the opportunity to test out the Jabra Sport Pulse™ Wireless Earbuds. Think earbuds which are connected together with a wire that hangs behind your neck and uses BlueTooth technology to connect to your device. Now think the most amazing sound quality you’ve ever heard from a headphone, and the voice of a coach telling you your training zone – this is the Jabra Sport Pulse Wireless Earbuds.

Personally I had never heard of Jabra before, so a quick back story tidbit, the parent company of Jabra are the original creators of BlueTooth, so it’s safe to say they know a little something about wireless technology, and the quality of this product shows it.

What I’m Wild About

photo 1Two things intrigued me about these earbuds, the first was their use Dolby Sound (think movie theater epicness). From the second I put them on and the base in my music dropped I was sold. I have 100% never heard earbud or any sort of headphone sound that was like this. I love music and this sound quality is amazing.

The second feature I’m wild about is that they have a built-in heart rate monitor in the earbuds – as in they take your heart rate through your ears! I had never heard of this technology before Jabra, but the idea of not having to wear a chest strap and chafe worked for me! This feature turned out to be an awesome tool while running as I was not only told my heart rate intensity level, I received real-time voice coaching regarding my distance, and speed.

All of these metrics download in the Jabra Sport Life app which is the perfect opportunity for any fitgeek to get nerdy with their numbers. The Jabra Sport Life app also includes 3 heart rate fitness tests: VO2 max test, Orthostatic Heart Rate Test and Resting Heart Rate test which let you know if you’re over or under-training, if your overall fitness is improving or staying flat and how your fitness level rates against your age, weight and gender. It also syncs with a variety of existing running apps, like my favourite Strava.

But Won’t They Fall Out?

photo 3(1)Prior to using the Jabra Sport Pulse Wireless Earbuds, I have never had any luck running with earbuds in – at all. When I run with music (which is typically at the gym), I always use sport headphones that hook around the ear to hold them in place. I was definitely skeptical about how these would work. The Jabra Sport Pulse Wireless Earbuds come with four interchangeable pieces  for both parts of the earbuds (the actual in ear piece, yellow in the phot, and the surrounding capsule, black in the photo)  which really lets you get a custom fit. You should also notice the little spike on the earbud, this hooks in your ear crease so it stays in place.

During my 40 minute hill interval workout the earbuds didn’t budge, I really didn’t think this would be the case, but the custom fit and spike kept the earbuds still. Four times during the run my heart rate was lost from the monitor, the first time being 13 minutes in, The earbuds continue to play music and totally stayed in place, so this I am attributing to my insane sweat, I simply pushed them around, and heard the coach state “heart rate detected” as they reconnected.

Final Thoughts

photo 3The Jabra Sport Pulse Wireless Earbuds, are awesome. The sound is incredible and they stayed in my ear the entire run. The coaching was motivating and informative and the features in the app are great for those looking to challenge themselves or learn more about their own personal fitness. The $199 price point is above the cheap disposable ones I grab from the tech area of my grocery store, but  these are more than just earbuds, they are all-in-one training solution, with killer sound, and if that’s what you’re into, well worth the price.

To learn more about the Jabra Sport Pulse™ Wireless Earbuds and to get your own pair, click here!