10 “Rad” Ambassador Summit Quotes

After a rad four days in Vancouver at the lululemon ambassador summit, so many lessons were learned and came home with me. It was a bigger than life experience, with 70 other ambassadors from around the world, inspiring, supporting, living, and learning. After a weekend of reflection, here are 10 quotes which hit home for me. 

  1.  “Every perspective is correct. It’s what resonates with you that matters.”– Tracy Hutton. Each of us has a different perspective. If you think you can’t do math – you’re right! If you think you’re too busy – you’re right! But don’t let other people’s perspective cloud your own. Just because you think this can’t be done, doesn’t mean it can’t, that’s just your perspective.
  2. “Live above the line”–Susanne Conrad. Staying above the line is how we connect with our “Best Self”. It is our responsibility and choice. We want our feeling and actions to be above the line (positive) to be our Best Self.
  3. “Whose definition of success do you live by?” – Tracy Hutton. Create your own definition for success and compare yourself to that – not anyone else’s.
  4. “The high tide floats all boats” –Eric Peterson. This quote hit home as I’ve continued to think about opening my own cycling studio but have been concerned with a saturated market. Everyone has something to offer. We can all achieve success.
  5. “Leverage your strengths and manage your weaknesses” – Tracy Hutton. Why focus on what you don’t like doing? Pay attention to your strengths and find support for your weaknesses – such as someone who loves doing them.
  6. “Don’t define yourself by what you don’t know” – Tracy Hutton. Focus and bring attention to your strengths. Don’t let what you don’t like and can’t do define who you are.
  7. Bring your “highest self in da house”– Tracy Hutton. Yes, again this quote connects to being your best self and harnessing your strengths, but I loved the “in da house.” Tracey taught not only amazing content from her workshop, but was a very engaging presenter. Not only did I learn to harness my strengths, I learned presentation techniques to take as I lead professional learning across the country for Ophea.
  8. “We are always creating our own legacy, whether it is intentional or accidental, a gift or a circumstance.”–Susanne Conrad. Be conscious in all your actions and words. Everything we do impacts who we are.
  9. “You can say it, but you have to feel it” –Susanne Conrad. When creating goals you need to believe. Believe in yourself and believe in your future. Want it so much you can feel it.
  10. “‘Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive’ – Howard Thurman” shared by Tracy Hutton. Just loved this one. Bottom line, be the most exciting “rad” version of yourself, because that’s what the world needs – more of you, being you!

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