4 Tips For New Runners To Take Their First Steps

Was starting to run part of your 2021 goals?

Here are a couple tips for beginners to lace up or ideas for folks getting back into a run routine after a long hiatus. ⬇️

❓Figure out your why? Goals and motivation aren’t enough on their own. Start identifying purpose. Figure out your why and the how will happen.

🕐 Start in minutes, not in km. Don’t jump in to something big that can leave you discouraged or injured. Start small and build 10% each week.

⚡️ Show some self love. Be patient with yourself and over time you’ll build up endurance, and mental strength as your runs get longer and more consistent.

💆🏼‍♀️ Recovery is essential. The best athletes in the world take complete rest and active recovery days. You can only train as hard as your body is able to recover.

Bottom line, just start. One workout will change your day and many, consistent workouts will change your life. 💟

What did I miss? Share some suggestions for new/returning runners in the comments 👇🏼

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