Winter Running Tips

We are on the verge of weather that is cold and frightful. A huge drop in temperature makes that couch seem a lot more pleasing than a chilly, windy run. But for my run crew at Tribe, hibernation is not an option.


Photo Credit: Canada Running Series


Here are three things you should keep in mind when heading out for a winter run:

1. Motivation

What’s going to get you out the door? Is it near gear? Signing up for a race? Setting and keeping your New Years Resolution? Or what about a friend or crew to run with? When that warm couch is calling your name, you need to find something greater to get you outside. For me it’s always my Tribe. Confession: I would stand myself up for a workout on an extra chilly day, but never my crew. Find something or someone that will motivate you to get out there and stick with it.

2. Safety

Nights are longer which means visibility is at an all-time low. Be sure you dress bright and have reflectivity or lights to see and be seen. Be aware for the conditions on the road, knowing that cars won’t be able to stop as quickly, and tread carefully while running through ice and snow. Winter running is typically a time to focus on strength vs speed. When you are headed outdoors, be sure to run smart, and stay safe.

3. Gear

Having the right running gear during the winter months can make or break your run. It’s a fine art finding the perfect amount of layers for you and your body temperature. Be sure to stick with technical fabrics. Consider a moisture wicking bottom layer, something that will pull sweat, or slush from the body. Next is your warming layer, something to help insulate and keep you warm. Top that off with a protective layer depending on the specific conditions. If it’s windy or rainy/slushy snow, you’ll need something to either cut the wind or keep you dry. And make sure that top layer is bright, yes I already said this point, but it’s an important one.

Gloves and hats are always a must, and for me wool socks are where it’s at. They keep your feet toasty and wick away any snow and slush that might make it through your shoe. Shoes with a more leather upper vs a mesh upper are ideal, and consider a trail show which has a great tread for when conditions are snowy and icy.

What are some of your winter running musts? Post them in the comments below!

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