This Holiday Season Show Up and #GivePresence

On November 18 this video was shared with me and I have thought about it every day since. I have watched it more than a dozen times since, shared it, referenced it, and on a daily basis have the words of Danielle LaPorte ring through my mind.

“Do not check your email while I’m telling you intimate things” ~ 0:17

Confession: Often while at work this is me.

When a colleague needs to chat, there is still work that needs to be done,  and in the past I have continued to work. Looking up to great them, then turning back to my monitor to type while they share, question, and try to engage. Now, the words of Danielle ring through my mind and I #GivePresence.

Please take a second to watch and change. And this holiday season and then beyond, unplug and be present.

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