OM at hOMe with Tribe Yoga Jam

This Sunday celebrates the fourth week of Tribe Yoga Jam with Degree Canada and I’m so excited to be back teaching at our free event at Canoe Landing Park, 95 Fort York Blvd. If you’ve never down outdoor park yoga this is the perfect opportunity to join with 100 neighbours and move and groove together under the sun.

This is a free event and all ages and levels are invited.

To RSVP or for more details click here. Hope to see you on Sunday!


3 Tips to Take Your Fitness to the Streets

With the sun shining and temperatures on the rise it’s time to move those workouts outdoors and the downtown Toronto core is a great place to make that happen! Here are three ways you can add some fitness fun into your downtown living!

1. Why not Walk?

Forget public transit this summer and take yourself on a walking tour of our downtown core. There is much to see and do by foot, and you’ll save money while at it.
Have some extra time on the way home from work? Take yourself on a walking tour of some of our cities great public art. Check out the urban forest and soundscape in June Callwood Park which runs from Fort York Boulevard to Fleet Street or the mighty red canoe at the top of the hill in Canoe Landing Park.

2. Create Your Own Park Circuit.

With the many benches and boulders in public park spaces within the downtown core turn your next trip outdoors into a fun urban boot camp. With a sturdy park bench consider tri-cep dips, push-ups, or plank to build some muscle and add some fun. Why not head over to the Rogers Centre and get in a few stair intervals while you’re at it!

3. Join a Tribe.

Sweating with a friend or crew is how I hold myself accountable and make my workout a social experience. The downtown core is filled with free boot camps, run clubs, and even stroller fitness groups for athletes of all levels and abilities. My favourite fitness crew? Obviously it’s Tribe!

Whether it’s joining Tribe’s free Sunday morning yoga in Canoe Landing Park, a meet up with other mom’s at their Tuesday mornings stroller walking club, or one of their many weekly runs for all paces. there are lots of ways to connect with others while sweating it out in Toronto’s downtown core.


This Holiday Season Show Up and #GivePresence

On November 18 this video was shared with me and I have thought about it every day since. I have watched it more than a dozen times since, shared it, referenced it, and on a daily basis have the words of Danielle LaPorte ring through my mind.

“Do not check your email while I’m telling you intimate things” ~ 0:17

Confession: Often while at work this is me.

When a colleague needs to chat, there is still work that needs to be done,  and in the past I have continued to work. Looking up to great them, then turning back to my monitor to type while they share, question, and try to engage. Now, the words of Danielle ring through my mind and I #GivePresence.

Please take a second to watch and change. And this holiday season and then beyond, unplug and be present.