Gear Review: Oakley Power Tights

Without a doubt, one of my most frequently worn pieces of Oakley gear (beside my Oakley Retro Bon Bon Beanie) are my black Power Tights. I’ve worn them for winter running, not hot yoga, and of course around town – the ultimate in function and fashion.

power tightsThe Power Tights are designed for the multi–sport athlete. They are made of fabric which feels great, looks sleek, but also does a variety of technical things including:

  • keeps moisture to a minimum (thanks to O Hydrolix fabric)
  •  stretches for excellent range of motion and shape retention (thanks to O-form fabric)
  •  shields your skin against the sun (as it is UV+ 50 fabric)
  • keeps odor-causing microbes to a minimum (Anti-bacterial)
  • keeps your jiggly bits sucked in as the fabric is thicker than most tights, so everything is held in place. This thick fabric is also great for running/walking/hiking in colder temperatures.

The Power Tights also contain small reflective detailing (2 Oakley logos), so if you are active after hours you will be seen – although I suggest even more reflectivity if running at night. There is also a small zip pocket which can store keys and cards (but not big enough for your phone) while you’re on-the-go.

The Power Tights are also available in Spectrum Blue (seen here) and can be ordered online or bought from your local Oakley store for $80.00.

If you’re looking for a great pair of multi-purpose tights to take you from your work-out and beyond, I would definitely recommend these.

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