BEST HEALTH MAGAZINE: 10-Minute Tuneup: October

The better butt workout

My partnership with Oakley Active and Best Health Magazine continues as we move into fall, and just because swim suit season is over, it doesn’t mean it’s time to sit that butt down on the couch until the new year.

Why not get moving with these seven butt blasting moves designed by Stephanie Joanne, and demonstrated by me for Best Health Magazine.

Follow along at home with photos and videos of the full workout here! Or pick up a copy (or digital download) on sale now!



Fitness Trends from CanFitPro Toronto

CanFitPro is one of my favourite weekends in Toronto. Thousands of fitness professionals from around North American invade the Metro Toronto Convention Centre sweating, and laughing, and having a fatiguing good time all in the name of healthy, active living. An epic star studded line up including Jillian Michaels, Tosca Reno, and Hayley Wickenheiser helped kick of the rad weekend and keep the energy high all conference long.

The convention centre was buzzing, and the trade show was hopping – or Zumbaing. Here are my top 5 trends from this years CanFitPro.

1. Dance Fitness: Barre was huge this year. I’ve blogged previously about Barre workouts and moves you can do in the comfort of your own home, now many new (and American) brands are sharing their version of barre and making it more mainstream. Want to try it at home? Check out my post with the leaders in Toronto Barre, Barreworks, here.

Zumba continues to hold a significant place in the professional learning at CanFitPro. This year they offered a certification courses on their Zumba Step (think 90s step aerobics with a Zumba flair) so I’m sure those classes will be shaking their way into a studio near you soon.

2. Technology: Metrics matter and most manufacturers of fitness equipment have figured that out. The hottest metric is the new Schwinn MPower Echelon Console which takes your traditional indoor cycling bike to the next level by allowing the users to monitor calories, distance, revolutions per minute, and watts. Watts is a significant metric as it allows the user to monitor their intensity through the technology by putting numbers to their perceived levels of exertion.

Apps also continue to be popular with many free apps becoming available through big name brands such as Nike, Strava, and Schwinn, as well as other independent apps including Tabata Timers which allow the user to complete intervals (see trend 5) in an easier way.

3. Bright Colours and Bold Patterns: Fashion is always a key part of the CanFitPro expo with many big brands showcasing their gear. This year a common theme between big athletic brands like New Balance, Asics, Sketchers, and Zumba, as well as many small independent retailers was neon brights and funky bold patterns. Pants, tanks, tees, and shoes of every colour of the rainbow were available – A trend I personally love and hope continues. What am I loving now? Check out these Oakley Printed Strength Tights, available online for $90.

tights24. Functional Fitness: Strength training that uses your own body weight continues to lead the strength and conditioning field. This is great news for people wanting to get fit from home (or in the park) without needing lots of equipment to do so. I believe much of this comes from the added interest of obstacle races. These mass fitness events are challenging the “average Joe” to get after it and they are doing so on their own, at home, and these functional moves are giving them the results they need to rock their race (and live a healthy lifestyle), without a significant financial investment. Looking for moves you can try at home? Check out my Fit From Home Tab for ideas to get you moving and building strength in the comfort of your own home.

5. Interval Training: Whether you’re out on a run, in the pool, on a bike, or integrating strength training, intervals (including Tabata timing) is hot! Two styles of intervals were all over the conference this year and those included the ever famous Tabata, and the Copenhagen.

  • Tabata includes :20 seconds of hard breathless effort, followed by :10 seconds of easy recovery. This is completed for 8 rounds which takes a total of 4 minutes. In it’s authentic form it is so challenging (hard & breathless will do that to you) that it should only be completed once, so can be book ended by a 15 minute warm up and 15 minute cool down to give you a solid 30 minute sweat session.
  • Copenhagen includes :10 seconds of hard breathless effort, :20 seconds of hard effort, and :30 seconds of moderate effort repeated 5 times for a total of 5 minutes. This interval is followed by a two minute recovery and then repeated in it’s entirety for another 5 minutes. Add a 10-15 minute warm up and cool down and you’re set!

As above, these intervals can consist of either a single exercise, such as a run, or bike, or can be alternated with various  activities including a Tabata of burpees and squats or a Copenhagen of burpees, jump squats, and regular squats.

Tune in to CHCH Morning Live Monday August 11th at 9:15 am to see the Copenhagen interval and hear me chat about my favourite fitness trends.

Have a funky interval set you love? Leave it in the comments!

May Fit From Home Challenge: Adding Some Spring To Your Workout

This month the focus is on adding some SPRING into your workout – that’s taking some of our basic home fitness moves and adding a jump.

Try to complete two to three sessions a week sneaking in the five move sequence whenever you can for a total of three times a day (that’s only 15min!). Keep the pace fast and the effort hard.


Total Reps: Perform as many reps as you can of each move in one minute each, moving from one exercise to the next without stopping. Rest one minute, then repeat the sequence two more times. Consider keeping track of your total rep count and try to beat your total next time. Be sure to keep safety in mind even when focusing on time.


1. Jump Lunges

IMG_4044 IMG_4048 IMG_4052From a standing split position, slowly lower your body until your front knee is bent at least 90 degrees.

Pause, then jump with enough energy to lift both feet off the floor and quickly switch your legs so you land with the opposite leg forward. Repeat, alternating front legs with each repetition.

2. Jump Squats

IMG_4000IMG_4007Place your palms lightly on the back of your head and pull your elbow back so that they’re in line with your body.Push your hips back, as you bend your knees and lower until your upper thighs are parallel to the floor.

Pause briefly before your explosively jump as high as you can. When you land immediately squat down and jump again.

3. Mountain Climbers

IMG_4032IMG_4030Start on all fours and place your hands on the floor slightly wider than and in line with your shoulders. Extended both feet straight behind the body (in high plank). As quickly as possible alternate bringing each knee individually towards your chest.Complete for 60 seconds moving as quickly as possible.

4.Plank Jacks

IMG_4041IMG_4054Start on all fours with your hands in line with your shoulders and feet extended straight behind the body (in high plank). As quickly as possible jump your feet out wide and back together again (similar to a jumping jack). Keep your core steady making a straight line from the top of your head down towards your heels.

5. Exploding Push Ups

IMG_4011 IMG_4015 IMG_4024 Starting on all fours place your hands on the floor slightly wider than and in line with your shoulders.Lower your body until your chest nearly touches the floor. Pause at the bottom, and then push yourself back to the starting position as quickly as possible.

Modification: Instead of performing the exercise on your knees, straighten your legs extending your feet behind the body (in high plank). Your body should form a straight line from your head to your knees.


Watch this sequence in action on my monthly segment on CHCH Morning Live! Click here and add some spring into your workout!