A Letter of Love to the Tribe

Last November Mark and I were having dinner, talking tribe, what it could be, and what our next steps were. We knew  we wanted to do something, to take the next step, but without a space or  equipment, continuing to build the run community I had started four years earlier seemed like the best option.

For the last four months we have been running TO and building the Tribe. Meeting members of the Toronto run community who were looking for what I was when I started four years ago – to connect. And that’s what tribe is. A fitness community for people to connect, to be seen, to be heard, to be a part of something great, and be a part of something that gives back – sweating for social good.

The Tribe grew quickly. Some came not knowing anyone, they heard about us through social media, or a community partner, and were welcomed and embraced like dear friends, instantly part of the tribe. Others have been with me from the beginning, and your friendship and support is felt every day.

This letter of love is to each of you, to every member of the tribe new and old. This tribe is yours, you make us who we are, please feel my love and thanks.

To those who tweet, like, share, and invite, this letter of love is to you. It’s to you, those tribe members who engage in the endless floods of Twitter and Facebook messages leading up to and after a run or yoga class. I will never forget the night I went to bed with my cell on and 60 – yup 60 – alerts later (and Mark’s “Who could be texting you so late?!”) I knew the tribe was officially born and unstoppable, “It’s not me, it’s the tribe!” I replied, unstoppable.

This letter of love is to you tribe bloggers who share your adventures in running, whether it’s training for a first race, a come back, or keeping fit and having fun – you give us a voice to your followers and it is greatly appreciated.

To the “I have an idea-ers”, the “I have a friend-ers”, the “just here to run/yoga-ers”, and the “let’s do a tribe movie night/brunch/trialthon/book club/branded shirts/sunglasses/race team” this letter of love is to you.

To everyone who has helped make tribe what it is today, friends new and old, thank you for your support. Thank you for having faith in this idea and in this community, thank you for sharing us with your friends and for becoming one. Week after week the tribe only grows and it is with all my gratitude and love that I thank you.


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