Gear Review: Oakley Visibility Jacket

With my new partnership with Oakley Canada, I received the Visibility Jacket as one of the first pieces of gear in my Oakley Ambassador Prize Pack. I first saw pictures of this jacket and was very excited to have it arrive and since it has, I’ve definitely used it to the max!


The Details

The Visibility Jacket is a great jacket to be active in day and night. It has large reflective panels, which increase your visibility in low light and with it’s water–repellent polyester fabric you’ll stay warm and dry in no matter the amount of wind or rain. The jacket also contains waterproof zip pockets, a stowaway hood, adjustable wrist and hood bands, and is packable into a built–in pocket.

My Experience

I have been active in this jacket twice and both times were during an insane amount of rain. I wore this jacket while out on our first Oakley Canada Training Club night where we went on a short run and it POURED! It was one of those nights where all you could do was laugh because the rain was coming at you from every direction. The hood contains an elastic draw string which helped keep it tight on my head while running in that craziness. I also wore this jacket while riding my bike 75km as part of the Ride For Heart the first week in June. Again another VERY rainy event and I was thankful to have this coat to keep me dry.

A Concern

This jacket does fit big. Initially I had asked for a medium, typically I wear a 6 or 8, often going to a larger size in my coats, but as a larger fitting jacket I was glad to get my hands on a small, which is a much better fit all round.

This jacket does have a higher price point ($220.00), but even with a closet of run coats I have found it to be very useful as a result of it’s length, fabric, and stowaway hood.

This jacket looks great, keeps you bright at night, and as I know from experience keeps you warm and dry during those cooler spring rains.

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