Gear to Change Gears In

It’s been a couple of yeImagears since I’ve bought multiples of a Lululemon item, that was until the release of the Velo Vixen Shorts – these are a must for any cyclist!

When I starting teaching cycling after a three-year break in January I wanted to look as though I hadn’t taken a hiatus and decided to get some new gear – if you look good, then you feel good! Not wanting to make a huge financial commitment, I bought one pair of padded bike shorts from MEC, I didn’t love them, but felt I needed something to look “professional” and so, bought them and taught 7 months in this 1 pair of shorts…that was until Lululemon released the Velo Vixen Shorts this June.

There are so many great features about these shorts – the most exciting as a cyclist is the highly effective and highly minimal chamois. There is enough padding to keep you comfortable through a 60 min ride, but not too much that you feel you’re giving Kim Kardashian a run for her money. Not only have a taught in them, rode outdoors in them, I’ve also run 5km in them – they feel so minimal that I considered using them as my triathlon shorts – but haven’t.

The next best feature is the length. These cycling shorts are short! Not enough to give you inner thigh rash, but enough to keep the tan lines during outside rides minimal.

The pockets are great too! The waist band has 4 easy-access pockets which are large enough to carry your iPhone, but also great for ride fuel and your debit card. Other features include a sticky grip at the bottom hem which keeps the shorts in place, reflective strips which keep you in sight during early morning and evening rides, and a cinchable drawstring to customize the waistband fit.

I would recommend these cycling shorts to any indoor or outdoor rider who rides less than 2 hours (for longer rides you’ll want a thicker chamois).

Available in sizes 4-12, in black, metallic, and bruised berry, and at $78 CDN, Lululemon again offers the perfect combination of function and fashion. Get them now and ride on!

*photographs from Lululemon’s website

2 thoughts on “Gear to Change Gears In

  1. runsoulcycle says:

    These shorts are currently on sale for $44. I saw a girl on Sunday racing the TO triathlon festival in them and she wore them under her wet suit – that was a concern of mine bc of the reflection on the side is very structured – she had no problem with it.

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