Race Report: Holly Jolly Fun Run 5km

This past weekend I had the pleasure of joining the Tribe run crew in taking part in the Santa Claus Parade Holly Jolly Fun Run 5km. I continually heard about how much fun this race was, and it by far exceeded those expectations.


For over 100 years the Santa Claus Parade has brought joy to Toronto and in order to keep this tradition alive, for the past three years, they have hosted a 5km race along the parade route prior to the start.

Here are 5 of my favourite moments for this past weekends race.

  1. The Costumes. While we dressed to race (and for the unusually warm weather), many of the runners were dressed in festive costumes. Elves, Gingerbread characters, and Reindeer – oh my!


2. The Bus of Clowns. So actually this was kind of scary, possibly what nightmares are made of, but these folks help to support the cost of the parade and then wear clown make-up to hide their identities as they walk to course.


3. The start line. While the space at the start of the race was narrow, and I would highly suggest that if your plan is to race to get close to the front, it was a blast counting down to the start of the race and having the confetti canons launch us down Bloor.


4. The Route. Thousands of spectators lined the Parade route offering cheers and high fives as we raced along Bloor and down University to the ACC. The energy was electric – I guess Santa will do that to you. The route was wide and empty and just asking for a personal best for those looking to race, and was supportive and welcoming for those looking to have a fun time.


5. Running with my Husband. Typically Mark is behind the camera capturing the race day fun and rocking the cheer station, so we don’t often race together. I love that after 7 years he’s finally started running  (some races) and to be together at a start line makes my giant smile even bigger.


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