5 Tips for Exercising Safely in Heat

Summer is in full swing and Toronto is in the middle of a roasting heat wave! I love getting my sweat on outdoors, however, temperature highs also might cause some fitness lows, so here are 5 tips to help you safely maximize your summer workouts.


1. Time It Right
Do your workout early in the morning or in the evening, avoiding the hottest part of the day, typically between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. If you must train at midday, consider picking routes with shade or along the water.

2. Dress For The Weather
Wear technical apparel that is light in color, lightweight, is loose on your skin, and has lots of ventilation or minimal fabric. Also, be sure to wear a hat, shades, and sunscreen with an SPF.

3. Drink Lots of Water
Sweating can dehydrate you very quickly, so it’s important to keep not only keep drinking while you’re active, but drink prior to your physical activity too. When you know you have a workout that night, consider drinking throughout the day to plan ahead.

For an extra strenuous workout or those lasting over an hour, consider adding some electrolyte sport drink into the mix an hour before you head out. Sports drinks contain electrolytes, which increase your water-absorption rate, replace the electrolytes you lose in sweat, and add some tasty flavour, making it easy to drink and drink more of.

4. Try A Trail
As mentioned in number one, trails and parks with lots of shade can help you stay cooler during your workout. Any opportunity to avoid direct sunlight is ideal. Also consider outdoor space along the water, where you might be able to catch a nice cool breeze.

5. Listen To Your Body
It’s never a good idea to “push through” when training out in the heat. Listen to your body and be prepared. Consider bringing change for a bus or cab, and always have ID. If you notice any symptoms of heat illness, stop your workout, find shade and a cool drink.

What tips do you have to stay cool during your summer workouts? Share them in the comments!

Tune into CH Morning Live on Monday August 3rd at 9:50am and watch me share these tips and 5 fitness moves to help you get that summer sweat on.

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