Race Report: Harry’s Spring Run Off 5km

This past Saturday marked the first of my double header race weekends with the Canada Running Series Harry’s Spring Run Off. This was my first time racing the #HSROT and I was more than excited to not only be there with a group from Tribe, but also to be there representing my workplace, Ophea, as part of the corporate challenge.

tribe 1

Tribe Getting Their Cheer On

A couple of personally exciting things to note about this race.

  1. It sold out fairly soon which meant many of the tribe didn’t get in – why is that exciting? Because they are such a committed and dedicated crew that everyone who wasn’t racing was there cheering , and if you were there racing, you saw them! They not only made my race that much better, they also engaged, inspired, and encouraged the other 8,000 racers to kill Spring Hill.
  2. It was Mark’s first race. Yes, many people find that hard to believe. I’ve been racing for 10 years and this was my husband’s first. It was so much fun having him running there with me, and although he could’ve raced ahead to get a killer time, he chose to focus on his pace, stuck by my side, then rocked the last km. I loved seeing him at the finish line, getting our photos together, and really just being together for this event.
  3. I placed third in my age category – first running medal ever!

Mark, Rocking His First Race

Mark, Rocking His First Race

Race Glows:

  • What I loved about this race was that it started late enough in the morning that one could actually sleep in. I enjoyed not rushing and not being up at the crack of dawn to fuel, hydrate, and stretch as required for all longer distance races.
  • The route through High Park is quite nice, and although many people talk a lot of trash about “that hill,” I have hill repeats as part of my weekly training, so didn’t mind it.
  • That hill comment being said, I, like many others, did enjoy the fact that once you get to the top of the hill the race is over – great spot for a finish line.
  • I also enjoyed the swag, shirts, and hats. Yes, I love swag, and Canada Running Series always does an amazing job.
Me, Flattening the Hill

Me, Flattening the Hill

Race Grows:

  • This was my first 5km race in about 8 years. I really wasn’t sure how to prep the night before, so settled on routine and did all of my marathon rituals including pasta, lots of hydration, and foam rolling. Definitely over the top, but it’s what I know and feel comfortable with.
  • The weather was COLD. It looked like a nice spring morning, but certainly wasn’t. I would’ve loved to hang out more in the after party, especially with my work colleagues, but it was just to frigid and we left – of course that was later to my own loss as it turns out I had won a bronze and missed the awards ceremony.

I really enjoyed this race as I do with all Canada Running Series events. It was well organized, route was safe with many volunteers, and aid stations were overflowing with fuel for those who wanted it. The race accommodated various levels from Olympians to moms with strollers and dads with dogs. If you are looking for a fun spring 5 or 8km race, I highly suggest this one.

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