Run for Froyo

Inspired by the Now Magazine nominees for Toronto’s Best Frozen Yogurt, the fitness Tribe and I headed out for a 10km Run for Froyo. We used the 5 nominees as our route, starting at Trinity Bellwoods Park and stopping at each house of deliciousness, mid run, to get froyo’d.


July 2013 066The first stop on the list was Menchie’s at 511 Bloor West. Most people in the group had eaten their first Froyo experience here. They had awesome selection, pleasant staff, hyper colours and cleanliness, and I love the little cow on the spoons, others didn’t. Highlight flavour included a marshmallow fluff which got some of us really excited. In my typical Froyo dinning nature, I got to much, and enjoyed every last drop.

July 2013 065July 2013 068July 2013 067






July 2013 070Stop number two was East on Bloor to YoYo’s, 417 Bloor West. They had a great combination of Froyo and sorbet, although the overall selection wasn’t as large as other places. They also had a more diverse selection of toppings, which as a candy I lover I enjoyed (fuzzy peaches, big feet – yum!). They also had pretzels for toppings which were a highlight of the group as well. Great staff and they also stuck to the over the top Froyo colour scheme. I loved the raspberry lemonade sorbet, it was definitely one of my favourites on route.

July 2013 069July 2013 073

July 2013 072



Yogurt Spoon

July 2013 075Stop three was Yogurt Spoon at 573 Yonge. They are an independent company (so props there) and had the most unique flavours of Froyo we saw (and ate). But for a place called Yogurt Spoon they also had the most disappointing Froyo spoons ever! (A point I was very stuck on) . The staff were pleasant, the decor bland compared to the others, but we were there for the Fryo and their flavours were unique and the Tribe loved them (they had a green tea flavour, water melon, as well as salted caramel), making them one of the top based on the thoughts of the group (i’m a chocolate and vanilla swirl gal, and they didn’t have that – boo hoo).

July 2013 074July 2013 076July 2013 077





Yogen Fruz

The next stop on the list was supposed to be Yogen Fruz at 218 Yonge. At this point we were all beginning to feel a little ill as we crossed over the 7km run mark, so we decided that since we couldn’t control the portions at Yogen Fruz (and it’s not really as exciting/flashy/option to fill your bowl with fruit vs Froyo) we’d head to our final stop.

This part of the run was not only the longest, but the slowest as we all were starting to feel the copious amounts of Froyo with every step. I personally had racked up a tab of $14 at this point, so was definitely feeling it.


July 2013 079The final stop was Yogurty’s on 652 Queen St West – note the nominated Yogurty’s is at 527 Bloor West, but that was a little to close to the others, and as we all live downtown (and this is the one we usually go to), I wanted us to finish our adventure here. Yogurty’s was everything it always is. Great selection of flavours, lots of toppings, and friendly staff. We were also able to purchase water here which we were all needing at this point. Note Vince did make it to this stop also, he just detoured while the pics were being taken.

July 2013 078 July 2013 081

July 2013 080


So personally while I love my Yogurty’s on Queen, after this 2.5 hour Run for Froyo adventure my top pick is Menchie’s. It had a great selection of flavours and toppings and I just love the decor, razzle dazzle colour scheme, and cow spoon. Yogurt Spoon you lost me on the over fancy flavours and the BORING spoons – it’s your name gosh darn it! Yoyo’s and Yougurty’s are classic froyo., and all of these businesses provided great service and a delicious product.

July 2013 082

There are lots of great local business who need your vote (and business!). So do like we did (or maybe just walk … and check out one a day) and hit them up!


Thanks Emily for the route! Thanks Now Magazine for the location suggestions!

Coming soon… Run for Cupcakes!


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