Finalist in the Oakley Ambassador Contest and I Need Your Vote!


I’m very excited to share that I’m a finalist in the 2013 Oakley Ambassador Contest – and this means I need your vote!

Why an Oakley Ambassador?

Much of the work that I do has always supported the promotion of physical activity and healthy, active living, with two particular audiences, children and women. As an Oakley ambassador I would be honoured to share this passion and enthusiasm with the women in my community and abroad. Through this opportunity it would be my intention to motivate, empower, and celebrate women by continuing to model a healthy, active, and fun lifestyle through my interactions on social media and through various in person community events. I would challenge myself and the women in my community to live a great life on a daily basis. Sharing my love for healthy living and helping others to grow and develop their own love for an active lifestyle is what drives me. I would use this opportunity to learn from everyone as we grow together, living and promoting a healthy, active lifestyle.

How Can You Help?

I need your vote – plain and simple. The voting process is very easy, takes 1 minute, and the exciting news is that when you vote YOU are entered to win 1 of 6 $500 Oakley prize packs! You can vote daily, and when you do, you increase both of our chances of winning!

The contest runs until May 8th, so click here and vote away!

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