Vote for Tribe Fitness

Alright blogosphere,

I need your vote! It has been almost a year (November 13th) since I started Tribe Fitness, my fitness community in Toronto that’s building community and sweating for social good, well I need your help!

I am hoping to get Tribe Fitness acknowledged in the Get Out There Magazine readers choice awards for best Running Club and this is where you come in.

All I need you to do is click on the link below, click Ontario. Scroll to question 30 and type “Tribe Fitness”  and repeat, once a day 😉  That’s it! 20 seconds max! Well that and then feel my eternal gratitude.

Please vote and share. Your support is always greatly appreciated.
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Building My Tribe – I need your help!

Physical activity has always been part of my life. Not in an over explicit way, as in “hey, let’s go for a bike ride because it’s healthy”, but in a “hey, let’s go for a bike ride because that’s what we like to do” – we grew up as active kids and as habit has it, my sister and I are very active adults. My dad continues to be an active role model (he’s walking the entire Bruce Trail) and being on the move is our way of life.

When I was in high school I fell in love with fitness, I still played spots, but loved working out, loved moving and grooving and feeling strong. I looked forward to heading to the Hamilton YWCA Saturday mornings with my mum for aerobics (this was the 90s) and that’s definitely when and where my love for fitness grew. I got my group fitness certification, indoor cycling certificates, water aerobics certifications, and started leading classes right away – I loved it.  I loved inspiring and motivating others, challenging people to be their best self, live their best life, but even more, I loved the community that I became apart of  – my Tribe.

On March 17, 2012 I said this goal out loud. photo(26)It actually really scared me in spite of being something I had always wanted to do. I sat thinking “is this seriously what I’m going to write down, but then people will know”. Growing up I didn’t really know anyone who owned their own studio – I had no clue how to do it? is this even a “real” job? So I tucked that thought away, but as most you know it was never  far from my mind.

Moving to Toronto in 2010 showed me that yes it is totally doable and a real job! I met some amazingly fierce females who were following their dreams and I realized I can do it too – in fact I am!

My new goal is to open Tribe, an indoor cycling and yoga studio here in the heart of TO and I plan to do it next year (a year earlier, but hey why wait!). My goal is to build a fitness community, a supportive and inclusive studio where everyBODY belongs. A studio that is an electric filled energy mood lift – whether it’s a cardio party high and a calming yoga zen.

So I need your help.

I am currently in a contest through Genuine Health that will fund me 10K to make this fitness dream come true. All you need to do is vote – once a day. Nothing to fill in, just click the link and click vote!

Here’s the link. Please vote, share,  feel my gratitude, then get a sweat on when we open – and believe me you’ll know when that happens!

Call it a clan, call it a network, call it a tribe, call it a family. Whatever you call it, whoever you are, you need one. – Jane Howard

More Oakley Outtakes!

I hear you! One of the continual pieces of feedback I’ve heard over this past week is how funny the outtakes are at the end of my Oakley Amabassador Contest video.

I wasn’t totally sure that I wanted to include them because they were a risk – people who don’t know me might not think of them as funny and the whole thing could backfire. Well from what I’ve heard that wasn’t the case and I’m so thankful for your continued support and interest.

So just for you – more outtakes!