Gear Review: Lululemon Ebb and Flow Crop II

ebb and flow1When it comes to my bottoms while getting my yoga on I typically stick to two options; my Groove Shorts or Wunder Under Crops. So when I was present with the Ebb and Flow Crop II for my appearance on CHCH Morning Live and interview with Canadian Running Magazine I was eager to give another yoga crop a try. As I pulled them on in the fitting room I was told they had just come in and that typically means they’ll be gone the next day. After pulling them on I definitely knew why.

The Details

The Ebb and Flow Crop’s are made of a lightweight, breathable, and near seamless fabric – they literally fit like a second skin. These crops are stretchy, and moisture-wicking, and contain lululemon’s famous pant gussest, which as they share “lets you reach for your toes without worrying about the camel’s”.

ebb and flow 2My Experience

These pants are very very soft. After my first shoot it was a challenge to take them off because they just felt sooo good. While the thin fabric does make them shear in the rear (see my concern), just be aware of that, and position yourself in class accordingly.

 A Concern

The following disclaimer does appear on the lululemon site “*You may experience sheerness with some of our bottoms because of the lightweight nature of the fabric. We recommend you do a couple of Down Dogs to ensure you’re happy with the fit and coverage.” So seriously consider your position in class or what you’ve got on under your crops before you get your downward facing dog on!

 ebb and flow 3Conclusion

The feel and fit of these pants far outweighs their sheerness. I just wearing a pair of Light As Air Hipster underwear and you’re good to OM.

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