Gear Review: Lululemon The (Towel) Mat

The (towel) mat I usually never go “just to yoga”. I’ll take a class after teaching my own spin class or run group, I’ll run errands, grab something to eat, and usually have lots of other stuff, that a giant mat makes the to and fro very inconvenient. So when I watched the video for the (towel) mat, I knew it would fit perfectly in my daily hustle and bustle.

The Details

The (towel) mat was designed for yogis who travel. It’s a thin microfiber/rubber fabric combo which works well to absorb sweat and prevent slipping around. The “grippy rubber bottom” also helps keep this mat in place. The (towel) mat also contains an “antimicrobial additive” which helps to prevent mold and mildew. The highlight of the (towel)mat for me is that you can throw it in the washing machine (cold cycle) and tumble dry on low and presto – it’s clean!

 My Experience

I bought the mat so I could fold it up, through it in my way over-sized purse and do other things on the way to and from the studio without having to carry around my giant mat, and it works. The rubber grips on top help to keeps your hands and feet in place, and the rubber bottom keeps the mat from moving around as you transition from pose to pose. The microfiber top is very soft and I think the fact that when I lie in savasana, I have soft fabric vs. rubber on my skin. The best part of this mat (besides scrunching it into a ball to fit into my purse) is that the whole thing fits in the washer. To be able to get it cleaned without much thought makes it even more convenient.

The (towel) matA Concern

In order to fit in small spaces and travel well, the mat needs to be thin – and for someone with boney knees, this isn’t good. When doing low lunges I almost always need to fold the mat over so I’m not in pain, but for the convenience of the (towel) mat, it’s worth it!


The (towel) mat is a great travel mat which makes going to and from yoga a breeze. I strongly recommend it for anyone looking for the convenience of throwing their mat in a day bag to hit up a yoga class while on the go and for someone looking for a mat they can clean with a simple wash cycle.

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