An Iron Women

Yesterday  was the Welland HalfSisters taking on 21.1km Iron Distance Triathlon and I had the honour of being my sister’s support team as she took on this challenge for the first time. Sub 7 hours, she rocked it and I was so glad to be there. While supporting her during her half marathon distance run I spoke with another cheer supporter who commented how the “tough part is nearly over”. As a marathon runner, I corrected her, that the tough part was over yesterday, the training, and today was all the celebration and reward. The months of hard work was paying off with an amazing race – and my sister had just that. My sister is an inspiring and dedicated athlete and it was amazing to be there with her on this journey. Starting in August together we will be training for our marathon, NYC. It was our first and I’m looking forward to not only the 4 month preparation, but the celebration as we take on NYC together again.

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