Running Gift Ideas: 6 Gifts For The Runner On Your List

Whether you’re shopping for the runner in your life or looking for ideas for your personal holiday wish list, check out these 6 presents for your favourite pavement pounder. These items will help you perform better, recover faster, and celebrate every run.

As a runner, what do you covet most? What have I left off the list? Let me know in the comment section below. Happy holidays.


1. Jabra Sport Pulse wireless ear buds. It’s a wireless headset that’s also an all-in-one fitness trainer. The Pulse wireless headphones by Jabra feature a clinical grade in-ear heart rate monitor and audio coaching with the included Jabra Sport LIFE smartphone app. Equipped with Bluetooth 4.0, these headphones have a built-in mic, are lightweight, and have ear clips for a secure fit. Available in store at Best Buy and online. $249.99

2. NB Heat Hoodie. When your favourite runner is diving deep into the cold, this scuba-inspired women’s hoodie is their best friend. The shaped hood fits closely and covering the mouth for coziness they won’t have to constantly adjust. And thumbhole cuffs add even more warmth. Available in store at New Balance and online. $89.99

3. Restore by Gaiam Muscle Therapy Foam Roller. Loosens tight, knotted muscles, and improve your favourite runners flexibility with Gaiam’s durable high density foam deep massage 36″ high-density Foam Roller.  Available online. $49.99

4. Tiux Graduated Compression Socks. Train harder and keep your favourite runners legs energized with Tiux Performance Compression Socks. Engineered to help runners improve performance, reduce muscle fatigue and recover faster. Available online. $35.00

5. Massage. What runner doesn’t love a post long run massage. Massage therapy treatment has a therapeutic effect on the body and optimizes health and well being by acting on the muscular, nervous and circulatory systems. Available for purchase online, check out my friends at The Health Loft. $59 for 30 min – $144 for 90 minutes.

6. Race Registration. Race fees can add up, why not support your runner in their habit for healthy, active living by picking up the tab on one or two races. Canada Running Series even offer a multi event pack where you will save by registering for more than one race and gift cards! Available online. $50-$115 per race.

‘Tis the Season for Active Living

Sure with the weather getting colder and cozy blankets and holiday movies becoming so much more enticing it would be easy to throw your exercise regime to the side and replace it with a warm mug of hot chocolate, but don’t do it!

Here are two upcoming run events in Toronto that will be sure to motivate you to step away from the Elf rerun and run!

Dec 16th, 7-9pm. Light It Up Run hosted by lululemon.

The Queen st. W Lululemon invites you to join them in their 4th annual Light It Up run, holiday style! The 7km run will travel through Toronto’s best light displays, leaving you feeling breathless and full of holiday joy.
After the run, join them for some post-run fun! Meet at the store for some sweets and treats.

Dec 18th, 7-8pm. Ugly Sweater Run hosted by Oakley Active and Tribe Fitness.

Bring out those ugly holiday sweaters and Santa hats! This week Tribe fitness and Oakley Active are  sweating in holiday style with a 6km holiday themed fun run.
They will be checking out the glowing holiday lights of the downtown core on a route that will have you up along Bloor, down to Yonge Dundas Square, back along Queen and finishing at the Queen and University Starbucks, so bring your debit card for an optional post run treat.

ugly sweaters

Now which ugly sweater to wear?

All levels of runners are invited to both events. Hope to see you at one or BOTH!

Bonus event!

Dec 13th, 5-5:45 and 6-7pm SpinRave hosted by Tribe Fitness at Barreworks.

Glow sticks, black lights, and sweaty cardio beats, join me as I lead our monthly SpinRave at Barreworks on Queen and Bathurst. Two class times to start your weekend off right. or


Are you getting your sweat on in fun holiday themed ways this winter? Share them in the comments!

Staying Motivated Over the Holidays


The hustle and bustle of the holiday season can really destroy your motivation to get a move on. But over this time of  food and stress (and maybe some joy and love), exercise is exactly what the body (and the mind) is asking for!

Here are five ways to stay motivated and keep moving over the holiday season.

  1. Schedule Time For You. Just like you’re writing your gatherings with friends and family on your calendar you need to write time for you in as well. And just like you wouldn’t bail on your girls, keep your promise to yourself and hit the weights before the eggnog.
  2. Make a Date of It. Rather than setting up another dinner date; why not get together for an activity date? Hit a local skating rink, walk (or run) your neighbourhood to check out the holiday lights, or raise the heart rate with some high impact shopping! Catch up with friends in creative and healthy holiday ways that allow you to swap stories and sneak in a sweat at the same time.
  3. Join a Holiday Themed Fitness Event. Check in with your local studios, clubs, or stores to see what holiday themed fitness events are happening in your own community. A holiday themed run, a rocking reindeer ride, or maybe a longest night themed yoga class, whatever it is, shake up your regular workout with a fun seasonal theme and get out and active in the community.
  4. Work Out at Home. Maybe you don’t have time for your typical workouts. You’ve over booked yourself and now have no time for you, so accept it and get your sweat on at home instead. If you don’t have a program or own any of the many videos available for home fitness, there are a ton of great workout videos of varying lengths and varying genres available on YouTube, so find one that works with your space, equipment, and time and move! (Looking for Santa to add to your home fitness collection? Check out my two BeachBody favourites Chalean Extreme and Turbo Fire)
  5. Be Realistic. Don’t set yourself up with any giant, out of this world, fitness goal for the end of this month. Accept what is doable for you and stick to it. Whether your plan is to sweat once a day or 3 times a week, when you create a realistic goal you’ll be more likely to stick to it and  you’ll feel great once you have.

Hope these ideas help you to stay motivated and active! Do you have a tip that helps you stay motivated? Post it in the comments and  have a happy and healthy holidays!