Kardia Turns 7

Back in November 2013, I out a tweet that would change my life forever. It was simple. I asked if anyone in the Toronto run community wanted to join me for a fun and easy 5km run on a Wednesday night at 7pm, and to my surprise people showed up, and week after week for 7 years people kept showing up.
In November 2017, the Kardia crew got a permanent home at #KardiaQQHQ, where we could move some of our outdoor workouts inside and have a ton of fitness fun together. And this is where many of you began to show up too!

It’s been an epic 7 years growing with you, and sharing with you, and we’ve got some awesome ways to celebrate, together, while apart.
From “Community Isn’t Cancelled” gear, discounts on virtual and on-demand classes, and a day of theme classes, please join us as we ring in our 7th year of Kardia together online.

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