5 Reasons Why Working Out With Your Valentine Is Sweet

This post originally appeared on the Huffington Post blog February 4, 2016. To view the original post click here. Tune in to CH Morning Live Tuesday February 9th at 7:50am when I share 5 Workout Moves For You And Your Valentine.

vdaytribe-01(1)With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, step away from the chocolates and create a new healthy habit with your loved one, and hit the gym!

Working out with your partner is a great way to spend quality time together, be motivated to actually hit the gym and have a ton of fun. Research shows that working out with your partner will motivate you to work out longer and harder. So, grab your loved one and do something good for each other with these five reasons to get a sweat on with your sweetie this Valentine’s Day.

1. You’ll actually go!
It might be tempting to skip that yoga class after a long day at the office, but knowing that your partner is rolling out their mat too will prevent you from letting them (and yourself) down. Your active time now becomes “us” time, and that lonely or boring workout in the gym just became a lot more fun with some great company. Now who’d want to skip that?

2. You’ll try something new.
If your regular workout routine has you doing the same thing every day, sharing the experience with your partner will give you the opportunity to try something new together or find a fresh perspective on your old workout. Been nervous about joining that new run club? Have the confidence with your partner by your side and try it together!

3. You’ll be more motivated.
Bringing your own cheerleader along to your workout can make a huge difference on how motivated you are to work hard. Having someone in your corner will boost your promise to healthy living and your confidence in achieving your fitness goals.

4. You’ll work harder.
Most of us have at least a little competitive streak, and healthy competition is a good thing because it makes you work harder and for longer. Research from Kansas State University shows that working out with a partner (particularly one you believe to be fitter than you) will inspire you to increase both your workout time and intensity, and in the case of this study, by up to 160 per cent when working out with a partner, and up to 200 per cent when working out in a group.

5. You’ll have more fun!
The more fun your workouts are, the more you’re likely to do them. Find something that is fun and challenging for both you and your Valentine, and encourages you to be as committed to your workouts as you are to each other.

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