Motivation to Move [And my Tour of Sport Chek MLSQ]

IMG_1194Last week I had the joy of touring the new Maple Leaf Square SportChek. This is my local store, just outside the Air Canada Center, and I absolutely love the innovation it utilizes and the community it brings to the downtown core.

I first met the community team online (@scmapleleafsq) last summer and it didn’t take long for them to become active members of the Tribe community joining us for run’s and out at our summer YogaJam. This relationship gave me the opportunity to sneak peak the store before it was finished, and now it’s done – wholy moly it is rad.

When you enter the main floor, off of Maple Leaf Square, you are instantly transported to every sport lovers dream as the entire  floor is dedicated to sports paraphernalia. When I needed a new Raptors hat for my first game of the season, I knew where to go!

Also located on the main floor is their interactive touch screen. Not only can you find specific in store locations of the gear you covet, you can also get hot fitness tip, including those from Tribe YogaJam teacher Lisa Davidson, and when you check out what activities are going on in the area, on the community board, that you’ll find Tribe represented there too.



The first floor also contains on the spot jersey customization. Make your personalized selections at the kiosk, then make your way to the booth at the back and watch it come together before your eyes.


Upstairs is certainly my favourite area in store and where I spend most of my time. The second floor contains their “brand shops” where you find anything and everything for running and training. You’ll also find two virtual shopping kiosks. This is where you can order anything available from SportChek online and have it shipped to your house. You don’t input payment information here, that you can do from the safety of your home computer or device through email for up to 14 days after you created your order.



The second floor is also where you’ll find all their technology, including my favourite 3D display for the fitbit Surge.


I received my fitbit in September for my birthday and it has be laps of her living room to beat the coveted 10,000 daily steps – I too have found myself doing the same thing. Talk about motivation to move!


So, if you are someone who is more motivate by the couch and Netflix once the weather gets cold, I suggest letting Santa know you’re interested in an activity tracker like a fitbit. It is simple to use and is guaranteed to get you moving this cold winter season – or whenever the cold finally arrives!


Huge thanks to SportChek for the tour of their new store at Maple Leaf Square!

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