Wild About It: Restore by Gaiam Hot & Cold Foot Roller

photo(4)Last year I had 3 really bad ankle sprains. The first occurred while running on a track at night and rolling my ankle on a broken piece of the track to the point that I lost my balance and nearly fell over. This was at the start of the season and it never really healed (because I didn’t stop training) and I rolled it twice more over the next few months.

I began taping it for most long runs and definitely every race. I got acupuncture to speed the healing, and while at home stretching in the evenings I began doing lots of rolling as well. I rolled with everything from tennis balls (they often broke) to baseballs (way to hard and hurt so good), so when I came across the Gaiam Hot & Cold Foot Roller, with it’s unique shape and bumps, I had to give it a try.

What is it?

The Gaiam Hot & Cold Foot Roller is a small plastic tube, 6.5″ long x 3.25″ wide at the base, ideal for relieving plantar fasciitis, pain from heel spurs or just tired, achy feet. It is placed under the foot, and the user rolls or “chugs” their foot along the roller, massaging the bottom of the foot.

What I’m Wild About.

photo 3(7)What first drew me to the Gaiam Hot & Cold Foot Roller is it’s unique shape that allows the roller to effectively fit into the arch of the foot. It also has raised surface dots which give it extra massaging power providing a kneading effect for additional relief. After only one use, it immediately relaxes the muscles and eases any tension you might have in your feet.

Another great feature is it’s hot/cold technology. Simply place the roller in the freezer or in a bowl of hot water and the roller will hold that given temperature for up to 30 minutes providing extra hot or cold therapy.

The Gaiam Roller is perfect post run to give your tired feet some much needed relief. Heat it up, or use it as is, and your feet will thank you. It’s available online from Gaiam Canada, you can pick one up for $19.99 plus tax and shipping here.

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