Celebrate a Healthy Valentine’s Day in Your Classroom.

Chocolates, and cupcakes, and candies – oh my! There certainly isn’t a sweeter classroom celebration than Valentine’s Day. As a teacher I always tried to come up with creative ways to take the attention off of treats and onto fun celebration themed physical activity. Luckily Pinterest makes finding these creative ideas so much easier. So, here are 6 ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day with a healthy and active classroom.

1. Fruit Smoothie Fun.

A fruit smoothie station would be the perfect opportunity to reinforce healthy eat and have a whole lot of fun. Frozen fruit can be used and loading in the berries will give your drink the perfect pink glow. The straws in this photo are cute too. Students could create their own straw decorations (e.g., lips, mustaches, rainbows, or snakes).

2. Apple Core Sandwiches

This idea was one I’ve never seen. Without the heart I love it for it’s nutrition levels and high levels of fun – the heart, that just puts it over the top. I might suggest you prepare the apples – many alternatives to peanut butter exist so depending on your school needs, consider swapping that ingredient out.

3. Candy Alternatives

My favourite is definitely the Minion or the banana. Not all healthy, but definitely all creative.

4. Heart Shaped Animals

Having pre-cut hearts would certainly make this task run more smoothly with the younger kids. Why not team up some older students with younger ones to support cut the hearts and build community within your school.

5. Mason Jar Lights

Excellent for older students and can easily be supplied at a doller store. With younger students, again consider having hearts already cut, or teaming younger students will older ones for support.

6. Heart Toc-Tac-Toe

Students can create their own hearts – or set of hearts – and use them in either this cute version of tic-tac-toe or for a target game similar to bocce.

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