5 Of My Favourite Christmas Party Treats

With Christmas party season in full swing, here are (kinda) healthy treats that I’m loving from Pinterest! Classroom teachers, parents, and everyone else take note!

1. Fruit Tree. I’ve seen lots of fruit and veggie trays in cute horizontal shapes, but I love the stacking of this tree. Not sure how it will turn out, but hoping not like my last game of Jenga.

2. Cheese Snowman. Perfect for the classroom. These snowmen require very little time to prepare. In fact why not have your students create them for fun!

3. Reindeer Sandwich. These reindeer sandwiches are adorable finger food. Be sure to stay away from nut butters if you’re taking them into a classroom.

4. Cupcake Cones. Not healthy, but I used to make these all the time when I was teaching in the classroom and leading a local Girl Guide unit. Very simple to make and the kids love them!

5. Pretzel Sticks. Again a not so healthy option, but last year these were my go to holiday “baking”. They are real simple to make and I’ve even seen them done with dipped licorice. Give them a try.

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