Gear Review: Oakley Strappy For You Bra

531982-621, Strappy For You Bra_ClearwaterTypically when I get a sweat on I tend to shy away from the intense and industrial full support bras. Mainly because maximum coverage and ultimate support often translate into gigantic straps, restricting rib cage bands,  and ultimate ugliness. My beliefs were altered when I tried on the Oakley Strappy For You Bra, it is definitely full support, but definitely not restricting and ugly.

Built with a stylish strappy design, the Strappy For You Bra is ideal for medium–impact activities such as running, obstacle course training, dance, and sport. It has one wide and two smaller criss-cross straps, which provide ample support while still having a feminine (yet athletic) look.

The Oakley Strappy For You Bra has removable cups, as well as a variety of other features including:

    • O Hydrolix™ fabric which pulls moisture away from the skin for a comfortable fit
    • Anti–bacterial action which minimizes odor caused by microbes
    • Reflective features which enhance visibility in dark conditions
    • and is made of 82% polyester and 18% Spandex

The Oakley Strappy For You Bra is currently only available in Oakley stores in Canada (Toronto: Eaton Center, Queen and Peter), but can be purchased online from a variety of American retailers including Dick’s and The bra comes in a variety of colours, which is great because like me, you’ll want more than one!

What sports bra do love for it’s ultimate support? Let me know in the comments!

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