Race Recap: Disney Characters On the Run

One of the highlights of a Run Disney race includes the meet and greet with Disney characters along the way. Prior to rocking the Dopey Challenge we identified which characters  were our “must stop for.”  Of course characters we hadn’t planned on seeing were also on route, and so we held frequent votes along the way. Here are my seven favourite on the run characters.

7Peter and Wendy.

This shot was during the 10km. I was dressed as Tinkerbell so it only seemed appropriate. Wendy helped me hone my Disney princesses poses which I then rocked for the remainder of the weekend as appropriate.


6. Toy Story Army Man.

This shot was the fine maybe 5km of the half marathon. It was a very hot day and as you can see the sillies had started to settle in. The Army Man was mic’d and encouraged “soldiers” along the way to keep it up!


5. Villains. 

Now who doesn’t secretly (or not so secretly) love a good villain. The back drop was one of the top (just behind Captain Jack Sparrow’s ship) and really added to the evilness of the experience.Disney2

4. A Bug’s Life.

Our first character stop during the 5km. The picture turned out really great and was for me really the start of this magical adventure. disney1

3. Cinderella.

The sun was rising when we posed here during the full marathon. Of course we didn’t notice until we started running again an commented “when did the sun come up?” well the answer is in this picture. Being with four characters in this one picture also made it special.disney 8

2. Lilo and Stitch.

I love this movie. The Elvis music, the message about the importance of family, this was definitely a treat along the half marathon route.disney1

1. Mickey and Minnie Mouse.

The mouse himself, in front of sleeping beauties castle, how could we not stop. Definitely the longest wait, but it added to the magic of the adventure. Disney6

And of course…Us!

Cinderella (Jenna), Tinkerbell (me), Sleeping Beauty (Nanc), and Minnie Mouse (Kim). Running in costume was so much fun. Have spectators cheer us on added lots of motivation and excitement to the race. Thanks to Jenna’s mom for doing an amazing job with the skirts and accessories.



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