Product Review: The Clump Crusher by CoverGirl LashBlast Mascara

As part of the Elle Canada Beauty Box I was provided with a variety of products to slather, sample, and size up.  The second item I tested was the Clump Crusher by CoverGirl LashBlast Mascara which retails for about $7.00. Oct 2013 019

So to start I’d like to clarify two things, 1. I LOVE Mascara (and know some mascara is made of very unhealthy chemicals/bat guano but still love it) and 2. As previously mentioned in my last review, have very thin hair – including eye lashes – so voluminous products are key for me.

The Clump Crusher by CoverGirl LashBlast Mascara claims to provide 200% more volume and length, with zero clumps. It includes a fiber-stretch formula for buildable volume and length and it comes with a brush that has precision bristle spacing in order to reduce clumps.

My Experience

I gave the mascara a try and as you can see from the image below, you can certainly tell which eye had the mascara on (the eye on the left side). This picture was taken after three coats on the bottom side of the top lashes of my right eye (image left). There were definitely no clumps (also visible from the image) and obvious length to my lashes when compared to the eye on the right. For length and clump free, the product was right on!Oct 2013 021

However, as someone with thin lashes, I didn’t find the mascara to be particularly voluminous (widening/thickening) which as I mentioned earlier is important to me and what I look for when trying a new product – that and ensuring that when I get a sweat on it doesn’t sting my eyes (it didn’t).


So, while I have continued to use this sample, when it runs out I likely wont buy this product for myself. However, I would highly suggest it for someone who already has gorgeous thick lashes and is maybe looking for something clumpless to add a dark tint to what genetics blessed them with.

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