Studio Review: Sol Yoga Burlington

Katie McClelland and I post classLast week I had the pleasure of attending opening week festivities at Burlington’s newest hot yoga studio, Sol Yoga Burlington. Located in the Cedar Springs Health and Racquet club at 960 Cumberland Ave., Burlington, ON, Sol Yoga Burlington takes advantage of the many great service from Cedar Springs, including free parking, day lockers, and spacious change rooms, all while offering the high quality, soul filling services that members at De La Sol Hamilton have come to expect from owner Katie McClelland and her fiance Andre Grandbois.

post class studio viewSimilar to De La Sol Hamilton, Sol Yoga Burlington uses infrared heat, which like solar heat, heats solid objects rather than the air. Sol Yoga Burlington shares that this type of heat stimulates an anti-inflammatory response in the body that can improve arthritis and fibromyalgia, decrease pain of any kind and speed the healing of soft muscle tissue damage. The floor in the studio is made of cork which  is a naturally warm and non-slip surface eliminating entrapped dirt, germs or fungus (a must for me – can’t stand dirty/grimy studios!). Towels are provided for free from Cedar Springs, and mats can be rented for a small fee. Filtered water is available as long as you bring your own bottle.

Sol Yoga instructor Andre Grandbois and I before class

Sol Yoga Burlington offers a fusion style of yoga which draws on styles including Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Anusara and Iyengar Yoga and emphasize alignment, quality of breath and moving mindfully through the yoga sequences. I attended a beginner class lead by a recent De La Sol Teacher Training graduate Calyn Petitt. The class with filled with MANY beginner level students, many who I assume were members of the Cedar Springs and wanting to check out this new service. Calyn did an amazing job of catering to the various levels of the class and supported each student in their practice, while providing an excellent intro/mid-level sequence, with great safety cues, and cute antidotes along the way. Calyn’s skills as a yoga instructor speaks very highly to the high quality teacher training program offered by De La Sol.

A second floor studio with a viewPrices for classes are on par with other studios in the GTA (and can be purchased online), and the schedule although minimal now (only 20 classes a week), will without a doubt grow as news spreads of this wonderful studio just off of the South Service Road.

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