Pinterest in the Classroom

What is Pinterest?

photo(1)One of the newest form’s of Web 2.0, Pinterest, allows user to “pin” their favourite photographs to boards, essentially creating photo albums or collages of ideas and pictures they love online.  Virtually anything and everything exists on Pinterest and can be added. Whether you’re looking for a recipe, a new hair style, some vintage jewellery, or a butt kicking interval workout, you’ll find it in graphic form here.

In the classroom,  teachers can create pinboards for whatever topics their students are learning. Pinboards on “Tutorials for Science Projects”, “Famous Works of Art”, “1920s Fashion”, or “Architecture” can all be created and shared. Students can see visual representations and collect these images for future reference inside and outside of the classroom.

Teachers can also create their own pinboards which can highlight classroom set up, instructional tools, motivational quotes, or best practices to share with followers from around the world or keep organized for future reference. As a health and physical education teacher, I have a pinboard for my HPE content area displayed here.

Pinners to Follow:

If you’re new to Pinterest or want some teaching inspiration, consider following these great pinners:



Cindy Merritt

The Physical Educator

Jon Empringham

Allison Cleland


Pinterest 101:



What it isPhoto sharing and organizing website. Free and can be linked to other social media.


In the CurriculumTeachers can set up class boards and pin photos related to the topic. Exemplars for assignments/projects can be pinned and shared. Students can create boards related to a given curricular topic. Ease of UseSeveral online instructional videos are available.

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