Tribe Tunes: January 6

Tunes Tuesday2The start of a new year means the gym is filled with folks looking to turn over a new leaf, get active, and live a healthy lifestyle.The energy is contagious and the potential is infinite. It really is one of my favourite fitness times of the year. So many goals just waiting to be crushed!

For today’s Tribe Tunes Tuesday, here are three of my favourite songs to get a cardio sweat on to right now!

Afrojack and Steve Aoki featuring Miss Palmer – No Beef

I love this track for the fast cardio beat. It’s perfect for a HIIT (20 seconds of high cardio followed by 10 second recover x8). Start your HIIT at 1:21 when the beat has a huge drop – you’ll know when it happens.

Iggy Azalea Ft. Charli XCX- Fancy (WoodysProduce Remix)

A nice slow beat for strength training. Way to often we (and I mean I) go way to fast through my sets, so something with a slow and strong count is perfect for curling those biceps or as Iggy says, dropping it low (into a squat ūüėČ ).

Tove Lo – Habits (Stay High) – Hippie Sabotage Remix

Stretch it out! This is always an area of need for my personal workouts. I get in and out and never take the time to stretch. I’m loving this song to wrap up my workout, so hope it will inspire you to slow down too!

What songs are moving you this new year? Share them in the comments!

Tribe Tunes: October 21

Tunes Tuesday2

daveToday’s submission for Tribe Tunes Tuesday is brough to your by Tribe Yoga teacher Dave Moffatt. Dave started his yoga practice 10 years ago as a way to get in shape and be healthy, but has found many more beneficial reasons why Yoga is the right practice for him.

This Sunday Dave will be bringing breath awareness and stillness into his active flow class as part of Tribe YogaJam and we hope you’ll join him! Details on Sunday’s free class at MEC Toronto are here.

Little Dragon – PRETTY GIRLS

Max Manie – THE OCEAN

Nujabes – HIKARI

Grizfolk – Hymnals (Saint Pepsi Remix)

What songs to you love to sweat to? Share them below!!

Augusts HIIT Cycle Program and Music To Make you Sweat!

High Intensity Interval Training continues to take the priority in my indoor cycling classes. I love the jacked up heart rates followed by mid paced recovery, to quote one of my participates “that workout was wacked!”

Here is my latest program which I started using at the beginning of August and received a great response from the regulars at CYKL. Most spent a few extra minutes sitting on the bench before transitioning from clips to their running shoes.

So, whether you’re leading a class or going solo, give this workout a try! If you have a question around my coding or what more information please leave it in the comment section.

A few things to keep in mind:

  • All times are in seconds.
  • I teach on RealRyder bikes which have an articulating frame that allows it to steer, lean, and feel like an actual road bike – hence my “turns”
  • The hyperlinks are to ITunes. In many cases links are to the album rather than specific song. Most of the time I‚Äôve used a remix and on the album a few versions of the same song title are on the same album ‚Äď just look at the time of the song to figure out which version. Or download the one you like best!
  • Enjoy!

Cheers (Drink to that)  5:30        Warm-up: right and left turns with short bursts of speed

Like A G6                       5:33        HIIT1: 0:15 :30 :45 :60 Fast Light Tension Seated /Recovery of same time

Where Have You Been 6:34        6min ClimbР2min Slow Heavy Seated, 1min Slow Heavy Standing  x2

Halo                               8:53        HIIT2: 0:30/:30 :45/:15 :60/:60 x2 Fast Light Tension Seated/Recovery

Till The World Ends   9:57        Climb: 0:10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 75 Slow Heavy Standing, repeat seated

I Gotta Feeling             6:12        HIIT3: 0:30/:30, :30/:10, :30/:20 x2 Fast Light Tension Seated/Recovery

Lazy Eye                        5:48        6min Climb: 0:15steady pace :15 turn R :15 turn L :15 speed push>

alternate 1min seated and 1 min standing for duration

Run the World             5:20        HIIT4: (Tabata) 0:20/0:10 x8 Fast Light Tension Seated/Recovery

Sweet Disposition       3:24        Recovery and Stretch

Homecoming               3:57

Slow Heavy Seated: slow cadence, heavy workload, seated position

Slow Heavy Standing: slow cadence, heavy workload, standing position

Fast Light Seated: fast cadence, light workload, seated position