Finding Balance In Your 2016 Workout


Miss my segment from CH Morning Live this morning?

I shared 5 moves that require no equipment and very little space and focus was on building dynamic balance while increasing your strength – firing up your core and helping you stay centered while on the move.

Watch it the rebroadcast here.

Read and view the five moves with descriptions here.



BEST HEALTH MAGAZINE: 10-Minute Tuneup: September

Get Sculpted Abs

An activated core is crucial no matter the time of year. Sure it’s great during the summer, but as we head into ski season balance and stability are vital. Having a strong center will keep you  stable and safe on the slopes.

Get moving with these seven ab sculpting moves designed by Stephanie Joanne, and demonstrated by me for  Oakley Active and Best Health Magazine .

Follow along at home with photos and videos of the full workout here! Or pick up a digital download on sale now!