Little Grub Club Tackles Childhood Obesity

Back to school is around the corner and it’s a great opportunity for families to start fresh when it comes to healthy eating.

FullSizeRender(31) Tribe run mentor, and Ryerson University student Juleigh Giberson has launched Little Grub Club, a non-­profit that partners with GTA restaurants to help families on-­the-­go meet their nutritional needs.

Families are able to grab a free rewards card, collecting stamps at participating restaurants for choosing healthy eats, and then redeeming their card for great prizes. Kids can grab an educational booklet, play games and test their nutrition knowledge.

Current partners include b. good, Magic Oven, Impact Kitchen and Pulp Kitchen. Filled stamp cards can be redeemed for prizes like tickets to Skyzone Trampoline Park or a ride on Pirate Life Adventure.

FullSizeRender(32)“Little Grub Club isn’t just about incentives. It’s about helping families start a conversation about healthy food. By partnering with restaurants and businesses that share these values, I’m confident we can make a huge impact.” says Giberson.

For more information on getting a Little Grub Club rewards card, or for partnership information within the GTA check out the Little Grub Club website here.

Yoga for Peace: Lolë White Tour

Last week I had the pleasure of attending the Lolë White Tour here in Toronto at the Exhibition Place.

lole 2

The Lolë White Tour, is a series of yoga events in cities around the world organized by women’s active wear and lifestyle brand Lolë. I had previously heard of the event and have many ambassadors in my network, however I hadn’t previously experienced an event or even stepped foot in a store.

The event was very well organized. As with all of their yoga events, they request attendees wear white as a symbol of peace. Participants received “swag bags” as well as a yoga mat to keep. While most participants were in white there were a few randoms folks in bright neon or grey, or black – so, while I agree white pants do not look good on anyone – don’t let the colour of your wardrobe keep you from this fun evening.

lole 1A group of 3,000 yoga lovers gathered to experience a unique evening of pure serenity against the backdrop of the picturesque Arches of Toronto on Canada Boulevard. Think the Seawheeze sunset festival – without the half marathon run – or the flight to Vancouver. I arrived at 7:30, however with all the events taking place I would definitely suggest you arrive early to take full advantage of the “expo” prior to the yoga. Vendors at the Toronto event included Oikos, Elle Canada, Biotherm, Pure Leaf and Sporting Life each with a tent and fun activities and giveaways to explore prior to the class.

From 8:30pm – 10pm, a special yoga class led by renowned and long-time yoga teacher for the Tour, Elena Brower, among beloved Toronto teachers Lisa Messina (Drishti Yoga Centre) and Marla Meenakshi Joy (Downward Dog), to the soothing sound of singer and performer Ariana Zita on her piano took place. The instructors each took 20 minute segments taking us through flowy movements, standing balances with those beside us and eventually under the setting sun we found ourselves in savasana.

The event was a lot of fun and something I would certainly recommend for groups of gals looking for a fun night of fitness to attend next year. Do your best to war white and be sure to arrive early.

* Photos from Lolë

Wild About It: The Body Shop Wild Argan Oil

Who wears short shorts! With the summer officially here the season of short run shorts is upon us. For as long as I’ve been running my thighs have rubbed together. No matter my level of fitness this has simply been my reality. I spent years running all summer long in crops and capris until I discovered The Body Shop Wild Argan Oil Miracle Solid Oil for Body & Hair.


I originally discovered this product three years ago while waiting for my flight at Pearson International Airport. I had time before my flight and wanted to see what was knew. The employee suggested this to me as a product to help the health of my hair, sounded good, so I bought it.

While heading out for a run that summer I had misplaced my typically body butter I had previously used on my inner thighs to prevent chafing and knowing the solid oil texture of this product, I figured this would work – it did and it was amazing.

Intended to treat extra-dry skin areas and lacklustre hair, this multi-purpose solid oil glides onto skin “for an instant moisture glow,” and is enriched with Community Trade argan oil from Morocco. And it smells amazing!

FullSizeRender(25)I started off simply taking the lid off and just rubbing it onto my leg chafe zones without actually touching it with my fingers. It is 70% oil so is appropriately greasy. It’s now two summers later and I now have no choice but to scoop it out with my fingers, and rub it onto areas in need, plus whatever other area to use up what is left on my hands.

This product is amazing and is a staple in my summer run gear. I’ve even taken time in transition to put it on during my triathlons.

It is available online or in store at a great price ($14 **currently on sale for $7**). The only downfall of this product (although it’s really not that bad) is that it has a natural yellow colouring after application. Depending on my skin tone the yellow can sometimes be very obvious – but it is so worth it.

If you like running in short shorts, let this Wild Argan Oil Miracle Solid Oil for Body & Hair help you rock it.