Wild About It:Vazee Agility v2 Trainer

For my segment on CH Morning Live in February I was sent the Vazee Agility v2 Trainer to wear on set. These have quickly become my favourite training shoe for lifting weights and conditioning.


The first thing that caught my eye was the unique lace mesh upper and mix of vibrant lime green and black and white (pink/purple and grey/white colour combinations are available from the New Balance website). The upper is supportive and with it’s no-sew overlays, which are strategically placed to help prevent the foot from rolling over while being minimal and light. nb-shoe

These light weight training shoes are perfect for quick, lateral movements, and are built with superior sole traction for training on any surface. I’ve been wearing them multiple times a week for my YFit classes at Yyoga and it’s easy to feel grounded and strong through my feet when performing squats and lunges. Also check out the detailed perforations along the outer sole which help your feet breathe while revealing the contrast of popping lime underneath.

Some other features include:

  • Odor management with a treatment that resists odors.
  • Rubber outsole
  • Synthetic upper

These shoes retail for $109 CAD in store and online. Definitely check them out if you’re looking for something stylish and light to up your strength training game in.

Wild About It: My Float Bag

Once most have my triathlon training squad had raced I found myself needing to get workouts in while everyone else was on their post race recovery. I decided to motivate myself by heading down to open water swim Tuesday mornings at Cherry Beach.

The first morning I went, I arrived at the beach and was alone. It was very weird to not have my squad with me, but also super weird to not have any life guards as well. I knew this wasn’t safe. Moments into me putting on my suit a man arrived out of the change rooms, we greeted, and he wrapped this floating thing around his waist – this floating thing was exactly what I needed. Staying in the swim zone got in a 30 minute swim. While heading towards the shore a boat drove into the pedestrian swimming area. This was weird and I wasn’t totally sure I had been seen. I left the beach and went straight to MEC to by a bright personal flotation belt, a My Float Bag.


I ended up having to purchase the My Float online from MEC, but within 2 days it arrived and was even better then I anticipated. Not only was it a great safety device, it also was a giant dry bag with roll top closure that’s the perfect size for keys, phone, even clothes or shoes! Now I didn’t need to worry about leaving my wallet and car keys on the beach, I could keep them with me during my swim.


The My Float contains adjustable straps which works as a shoulder strap on land or as a belt in the water. I used it while alternating from swimming on my front and back and the strap was never tangled or in the way while I kicked.

img_39261I’ve now used my My Float three times and speak so highly of it, suggesting all open water swimmers invest in one.

Not only does it let you carry your stuff, it keeps you bright and insight from boats as well as offering an additional safety as a flotation device (but remember it’s not designed as a PFD or lifesaving device).

The My Float is available online for $69 and in store through a variety of source, I used MEC as it was convenient and shipped very quickly.

Wild About It: Custom Mix It Oatmeal

One component of my Half Iron Man training that I haven’t shared to much about has been my fueling. Those who know me, know convenience is key for my busy lifestyle. I choose not to spend hours in the kitchen, so finding healthy alternatives is important.


At the start of August I had the opportunity to test out MixIt.ca for free. Mix It is an online custom breakfast cereal company out of Montreal. As oatmeal had been a staple in my first Half Iron Man training program I jumped at the opportunity to test out a new Canadian brand and continue my fueling with healthy eats leading up to race day and beyond.


So here’s how it works. You pick the base from an extensive list of items including quinoa hon, crunchy honey granola, classic oats, high fiber oatmeal. regular oatmeal, Shreddies, wheat pillows – the list really does go on forever. I picked regular oatmeal.

Then you add dried fruit, nuts and seeds, and extras. I added peaches, coconut flakes, organic pineapple, raspberries, strawberries, flax seeds, almond slices, and white chocolate flakes. Pretty much anything and everything that caught my eye, and believe me there is so much to choose from!img_4085

You pay for the order by weight and there is a little counter on the side of the website so you can play around with lighter vs heavier items to reach your own ideal price point. My order was around $20 for the tube. You also have to pay for shipping, unless you order 6 tunes.

Something that really impressed me was the custom nutritional information.Based on my personal order I received a personal nutrient guide on the tube. This was very cool.


Graphic from MixIt.ca

Another added bonus was the very stylish shipping container. You pick from 8 different styled containers which are 27 cm high. I hadn’t really looked into the size of how much I was ordering – you don’t have a choice – there is only one size, so I was quite shocked when such a large amount arrived. The average tube typically fills with 550-700g. of mix.


While I received this product for free I am absolutely hooked and will certainly be adding it as part of my regular meal planning. The price per ingredient is comparable to what you might get for yourself at bulk grocers. The options are endless and delivery was only 2 days after my order.

Check MixIt.ca out and be sure to let me know your favourite mix!