Road to 70.3: Week Four

Week four had me back on track, but feeling oh so tired. While I managed to hit every workout as scheduled, the combination of them all was the one thing that I wasn’t able to practice and by Saturday’s 10km Tribe run was giving me the reality checked of missed work. Each piece on it’s own was totally doable, but the work on tired legs (plus the heat) gave me a wake up call to what I had missed – and the need to get on track with fueling and hydrating and really just planning ahead.

Here’s how week four went down…


Monday: With the long weekend coming to an end my sister and I took full advantage of the beach and sun and did our own strength training workout at the cottage. It was interval based (45 seconds of work followed by 15 seconds recovery) and consisted of 4 moves for lower body, 4 for upper body, and four for the core, which we did twice. It was a lot of fun to workout together in the sun and sand.

Tuesday: A little change up and my plan was a 1.5km swim and 6km run. The ankle wasn’t to bad during the swim. I did all of it without the buoy, although it was still sore. I followed it up with a bricked run. The pace was pushed, but with my brace everything felt fine. Ice and rolling was a must. I’ve also been doing stretches for the soles of my feet – very painful (especially for my sprained ankle).


Wednesday: After yesterdays success I was very excited to be out with Tribe. We had a great turn out and did a 5km out and back along the water front. There are always s many paces, so it’s very easy to get the workout you need. Which for my second run back was taking it easy.

Thursday: Up and early at 6am on my day off to get in a swim/cycle brick. This was an important combination as I had been yet to ride outside and as motivation had previously signed up for a 52km charity ride on Sunday. We managed a 2km swim which had the ankle feeling almost perfect and quickly transitions to a 45min ride on the bike. A simple out and back along the waterfront. About 10 minutes in it started to rain – I’m always so nervous of sliding out while riding in the rain that our pace slowed, but the ankle felt fine (still wrapped) and we made the best of it. It also felt pretty awesome to have the workout done by 8:30am.

In the afternoon I had a visit with a chiropractor I have started to see again. She did a little work noting inflammation in my neck and spine – not unusual for me as my neck is often sore from swimming, biking, and occasionally sleeping weird. I also had an xray done after what seems to be chronic hamstring and lower back pain – similar to what I had done in 2012 – so will be interesting to see the results – nothing I am worried about at all. I suspect added strength training will become part of my care plan as a result.

Friday: A busy day for Tribe business. Exciting things that you will hear about soon enough and I can’t wait to share. Because I didn’t have much day time to train and with my evening class, I switched my schedule again and did my ride indoors at Barreworks. I always say the hardest part of training is committing to it and fitting it in with your life. Sometimes that means your workouts aren’t ideal – but getting them in is what’s important.


Saturday: Today was the real test for my ankle. A morning 10km with Tribe (which actually became 8.5km because I didn’t want to push my ankle, and it was just sooo hot), then an evening in heels for my cousins wedding made the day a potential for disaster. The run was great although my legs were just fried after getting in all of the weeks workouts. This was certainly the one thing I hadn’t considered. I know individually I had no problem jumping back into my plan – but the culmination of this weeks work was paying it’s toll, however being out with the crew I had missed felt so good. The wedding was a blast and the shoes I wore were great – no ankle pain day or night.


Sunday: A 6am after the wedding was certainly the hardest part of the ride. Previously training for my 70.3 in 2014 we did the Brian Smith Charity Ride as a great opportunity to get out on the bike in a controlled and supported environment, and this year it was just as great. The sun was hot but we were prepared with hydration and fuel. the route is flat, although many potholes make it jarring on the arms. Nanc and I kept a sold 28kmph pace on the way out, and on the way back pushed ourselves leading and dropping the group as we rode up between 31-33 kmph. That felt great and just getting the workout in felt awesome too.

It feels so great to be running with Tribe again and to be moving my body and having lots of fun. Foam rolling and stretching my feet have become a huge part of main nightly routine. These little things I might have overlooked before, I’m trying to make them a part of my every day in order to be proactive along this road. So looking forward to this coming week!

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2016 Race Goals

2016 is already shaping up to be a year of excitement and change. Last year I took a small step back from racing, only entering 10 races (5km x 1, 10k x 3, 15km x 1, 21k x 1, 30k x 1, and 42k x 2), which included my return to Triathlon after my first half Iron Man in 2014.


This year I am very excited to have Tribe team up with Canada Running Series to support their Toronto races and help with an exciting new race, the Waterfront 10k. I’m excited to be in the position of Director of Ambassadors with Toronto Triathlon Festival, so look forward to having my TTF experience community based and supporting those online nd in Tribe. I will be returning to the pace team at SeaWheeze for my fourth consecutive year and will be taking over 30 members from Tribe with me – our biggest Tribe Tour yet! The NYC Marathon will be my 10th, so I’m excited to head back to the city where my marathon journey began, and to top it off, I will be making my return to Iron Man distance races with the Montreal 70.3.

If you’re looking to race more, please join me at one of the following races this 2016 season.



Triathlete Gift Ideas: 6 Gifts For The Triathlete On Your List

With Christmas just around the corner, here are six ideas to help you gear up, outfit, and accessorize your favorite female triathlete (or yourself) this holiday season.

This is the third in my series of gifts for the fit females on your list. Check out my rad runner, and yoga lover posts for more seasonal ideas for your favourite female on the move.

As a triathlete, what do you covet most? What have I left off the list? Let me know in the comment section below. Happy holidays.


  1. Cat Attack Silicone Cap – Elastomeric Fit. SpeedoUSA. The Speedo Elastomeric Cap is the first silicone swim cap specifically designed for fitness swimmers. Elastomeric caps offer greater elasticity and increased ease of stretch (as in won’t give you a headache during a longer swim) with a softer silicone compound than traditional performance caps. It contains a micro grid texture on the inside of the cap which provides more comfort with less snagging and pulling of hair (yippie!). They have may cute prints – but this is one is purrrrfect to get ready for your next race. Available online. $14.99 USD.
  2. Garden Party ISM Adamo Prologue Saddle. Betty Designs. Betty took her inspiration from runway fashion to put a spin on the current floral trend. The result is a seat with touches of¬†feminine flair in black and white to match whatever frame you ride. TECH SPECS: The Prologue builds on the success of the Podium and Breakaway. ISM’s design team kept the longer length and narrower hamstring section to allow for more forward and rearward body movement. We also integrated the sloped front arms to cut down on superficial chaffing on the inner thigh. The biggest change is they added more foam and gel padding to soften the ride. Great for distance cycling and triathlon. Cr-mo rails. 270mm long and 135mm wide. Available online. $189 USD.
  3. Get a Coach! X3 Training. For the traithlete who is looking to take one part, or all three, of their racing to the next level – hire a professional! I’ve worked with Michael in the past for cycling and know a number of athletes who have reached the big BQ (Boston Qualifier) under his coaching. Whether it’s off season fun, or regular season work – check him out! Prices vary on program.
  4. Race Entry. Toronto Triathlon Festival. I’ve blogged about TTF before, as well as how race entries make great gifts – well with TTF your athlete gets double the present when you sign them up (with their permission) before December 25 as they will also qualify for TTF Gold Member status (which means lots of great bonus swag and it will save you a few bucks too!) Read about why you should choose TTF here! Available online. $108-$130 CAD
  5. Fresh Foam Zante. New Balance. Personal bests are meant to be broken. Help your triathlete break theirs with the all-new Fresh Foam Zante – 2015 road shoe of the year. This shoe has carried me through hundreds of training kms and the Paris marathon – and it’s definitely a favourite shoe of mine. Featuring an impossibly smooth heel-to-toe transition and an explosive toe spring for an overall faster ride, the Zante gives your triathlete the opportunity to turn personal bests into personal betters. Available in various stores around the GTA and online. $129.99 CAD
  6. 2016 SIDI Buvel Women’s Fuchsia cycling shoe. So many reasons why this shoe is on my list – but I think the first is very obvious (it’s pink!!). It’s also a less expensive version of another shoe I’ve fallen in love with. Lickbike will ship to Canada, so if you’re wondering the source, that’s why. TECH SPECS: : New for 2016, the SIDI Buvel MTB shoes are the absolute favorite for cross-country, mountain bikers, racers and adventurer seekers – I race triathlon in mountain bike shoes (the clip is embedded so for me they are easier to run in). European handcrafted quality that keeps on performing season after season offering superb comfort. The shoe features a Caliper Buckle two-way ratchet for easy on-bike adjustment with incremental tightening and loosening. Soft Instep Closure System and padded tongue eliminate pressure points. High Security Velcro won’t shift or slip. SIDI Competition Sole. Made in ITALY. Guaranteed for 1 YEAR. Available online. $199.88 USD.