Tribe Fitness Becomes Kardia

Our fitness community has always been about welcoming people and building an inclusive and accessible environment. In order to better reflect these goals and who our community is, on June 19th we decided it was necessary to change our name.

As communities around the world have come together to stand up against racism, we have taken the time to reflect on our community. In consultation with members in our community and a diversity consultant, we acknowledge we need to make a change. We have learned a better understanding of the history tied to the word “tribe,” and on September 9th we will share a new identity for our community that will continue our efforts of inclusion without the hurtful association for Indigenous Peoples. We look forward to moving forward with you and on September 9th will be revealing our new studio name and we hope you will join us.

Name Reveal Week.

Beginning the week of Wednesday September 2nd we will be sharing hints of our new name and a variety of opportunities to take part in contests (together as a group or solo at a distance) as we move forward with our efforts of creating a welcoming and inclusive fitness community.

Logo Search
Starting September 2nd we have placed our new logo at various locations around the downtown core. Find the logo and snap a picture of it. Share it on your social media and tag us for a chance to win prizes from our partners including lululemon, Garden of Life, and Nuun. There are no limits to your entry. Winners will be drawn at random on September 9th. One photo = one entry.

Name Reveal
At 7pm on Wednesday September 9th we will be hosting a free community scavenger hunt to some of our favourite places around downtown. Each stop on the hunt will reveal one letter for our new name. Collect the letters and then join us back at the studio at 8pm for the official reveal. If you ordered our 2020 Party Singlets they will be available for pick up, as well as new studio gear. Mask wearing is encouraged and we ask everyone to please keep a 2m distance.

And More…
Stay tuned for additional challenges, giveaways, and sales that will begin on September 9th.

Membership FAQ.

While our studio name is changing, everything else about our community will remain the same. Here’s what you need to know about logging in and joining us online, outdoors, and in studio.

  • Log-In: In order to join us online or in studio you will continue to use your same log-in.
  • Booking Websites/Apps: You will need to log-in through our new website and new profile on Mindbody or ClassPass, but the log in process does not change. We will be sharing this information in an email following our event on September 9th. Consider booking your classes on the 10th now to not miss out.
  • Email: Following the name reveal on September 9th you will receive an email from us with our new contact information. Our old email address will remaining active and will link to our new account.
  • Phone Number: You can also give us a call on our same phone number, 647-729-5008.
  • Social Media: If you’re already following us at @Tribe_Fitness you will continue to follow us when our handle changes.

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