4 Tips For a Healthy Workplace Over The Holidays

The holidays are here and this evening I’ll be attending my first work holiday party, my first of four!

During the holidays we tend to eat more and exercise less. Sometimes that means the only consistent in our day is our workplace, so to help prevent our healthy, active habits from taking a holiday of there own, here are 4 tips to have you moving more and eating healthy while at your workplace.

Keep the Focus on Fun, Not Food!

Many of our workplace holiday festivities revolve around food. It’s time to change that! How about a workplace “sweating working” event at a group fitness class? Maybe a noon hour walk through the community to check out holiday lights? Or through the team cutting and decorating a holiday tree. Moving more and sitting (and eating less) is the key!

Sneak Activity In!

This is a great idea for the workplace all year long. Taking the stairs, parking far from the door, and standing while taking a call. There are many ways to sneak movement in during your work day. Bring a pair of sneakers and get a move on!

Don’t Take A Holiday From Healthy Eating

The are lots of tips and tricks to eat healthy during all the holiday parties this season brings. A few of my favourites include eating a healthy meal before you head out, bring a healthy snack you love to a pot luck, or find that one dessert you really want and enjoy it! Healthy eating is all about balance, not about depriving yourself. Eat more of the good stuff and leave the unhealthy stuff there.

Start A Team Challenge

Accountability partners are a great way to stick your goals and make healthy, active living fun while at work. Get a team together and try using an app or pedometer to give a step challenge a try. Track your daily steps and see who can walk the furthest each day, week, or over the month. How about challenging your work colleagues to a squat or push-up challenge? Perform 5 of an on the spot exercise you can do in work dress at the top of every hour, ding a bell and get moving! Instead of a workplace gift exchange hire a fitness professional to come into your office and lead a yoga or group fitness class.


What do you do to stay healthy and active at work or over the holidays? Share it in the comments below!

Wednesday evening I have the joy of speaking to the partners and clients of Wise Goodies, a company building healthy workplaces one fresh snack pack at a time. I’ll be sharing these tips and inspiring healthy workplaces. Check them out and get up and move!

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